Feedback from Andheri February 2016 workshop

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

 Prasad Patole
Amit Sir has very good knowledge about the agile topic and he could solve all our queries and could real life scenerio he faced.
Amit Sir also involved us and demonstrated agile lifecycle and scrum eventswith real life scenerio.He also compared different scrum roles with traditional methodologies which helped me to understand each role in details.

Sneha Katke
knowledge about the agile concepts is very elaborate.Explation for all queries is satisfactory and with appropriate examples wrt. traditinal concepts.amit has used charts and whiteboards effectively to explain different topics.
Delivery style for the sessions was good and engaging.We had actual mockups/ stimulations done to understand concepts like estimations,user point,estimation techniques.
Over all training session was very knowledge oriented timeboxed and well planned.

Sandeep Patil
Mr.Amit Kulkarni conducted Agile and Scrum training program.It has been excellent program and the knowledge and experience shared by Amit was really good.
Mr.Amit has a very good delivery style.The very first day I entered in classroom I met the facinating world of agile.There was lots of charts displayed.I enjoyed learning agile with thw live experiments/demos.
Mr.Amit has very good story telling and his vast experience has helped a lot to me.Thank you Amit for the excellent training.

Anand Kumbhare
Knowledge-Have demonstrated group of undepth knowledge on the subject matter and have clarified any doubts with very practical examples.Amit has ensured that the clarity was given at the end of the day without any pending items.
Experience-Amit has vast experience in the field has driven the course in a very professional manner.The examples cited on different topics which are wide demonstrates the range of situations handled.
Delivery style-Amit body language and moving between various media's has been very engrowing and meaningful.Had never disrupted or digressed the topic or even made the topics diluted.It was indeed a good learning experience for Amit.
Techniques-Amit has very creatively demonstrated usage of various charts and its purpose and objectives.What I most liked is Amit involved each participant to make the charts prepared after every session/sprint practical exposure has made learned the theory in a more meaningful manner.

Bhumeshwar Shripuram
Amit is having sound knowledge on the subject.His experience helps him to deliver the topic with suitable examples.
Amit's delivery style is pretty good and holds the audience well during the session.Amit uses various techniques for delivering the topic like charts,story telling,self reflecting and so on.Overall his presentation is good and clear.

Amit Behere
Amit comes with great knowledges in Agile certification programme with greater spirit to train and giving understanding of each concepts within PMP-ACP®.
He has great experience in each and every aspect of subject areas to be covered while giving training.
He is best in delivering the training and bosting the morale to implement better Agile certified professionals.
He gives better understanding for techniques required for the delivery at 
PMP-ACP® training which includes chart knowledge.Story and word abbreviations.
Overall concepts he is best trainer for giving the knowledge to professionals. 

Tushar Acharya
Course content-Good and detail spread of the content,delivering and covering complete agile.Content is easy to undersatnd,remember and recognise.
Course Delivery-Very energetic and thoughtfull delivery by faculty,Amit Kulkarni very innovative Amit touches the basics of the concept and grooms it very effeciently with real live examples making them easy to assimilate and absorb.
Course material-Very exaustive,detail and precise.Practically no need to refer any other material.Really appreciating Amit taking pains in continuosly improving it.
Logistics and support-Overall time perfection,support material,stationary,training room arrangements etc.absolutely perfect to enjoy the learning.
Special Note-Highly appreciating the course delivery style,simplicity and depth of knowledge and experience that Amit Kulkarni cherrish.

Feedback from Thane January 2016 workshop

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Ishwar Khutal
Before join this training I was thought I will learn Agile methodology theory which was learned in my college days.
But after this two days training I changed my thought about Agile methodology due to Amit Sir's teaching techniques.
I didn't get bore and really enjoyed the every session.The way of Amit Sir explaining all concepts my confidence grow up and realise that I can also become a good SCRUM Master.In my real life if i fall in any critical issues I can definitely use this tricks and techniques to resolve the issues.

Amrish C. Thakkar
I found Amit a very good speaker on SCRUM/AGILE topics that he spoke about.his SCRUM knowledge is immense and his application of it in real life (live projects) helps the audience very well (more relevant).
Amit used SCRUM itself in teaching us SCRUM.Meaning,the course itself was didvided into 4 sprints and he gradually took us through practicing the same.I found it a very good technique where we did lot of cartings.
Communication wise as well Amit is very precise and clear,engage participants by giving team member different roles to experiment first hand.It was a full on workshop and not boring lecture.
Amit's experience in the industry on applying Scrum on it projects was a great benefit to the group.

Rahul Anand Manavi
I throughly enjoyed Amit's SCRUM training workshop.I found Amit to be very profiecient in SCRUM methodology.
The workshop was very engagaing and interactive which included usage of charts/simulations,games used by Amit to deliver basic knowledge and concepts of scrum.
I also felt that faculty was very well versed in SCRUM and its applications to different projects.Through Amit's mode of teaching and use of apt examples his rich industry experience did reflect.His background in fact made the understanding whole lot easier.Over all it was very well worth of time to have spent learning SCRUM and I thank Amit for delivering such an excellent workshop.

Ganapati Hedge
The two day Scrum ang Agile workshop conducted by Mr.Amit Kulkarni was a very innovative and interactive training I have ever attended.The training covered all concepts and knowledge of SCRUM.The entire framework was covered with great examples and our interactive participation helped us.The learnings got deeply absorbed by usage of charts which are used in SCRUM projects.
The workshop co-related the framework with lot of examples and we got practise them by simulated real life projects.
The script and clear way of presentation helped a lot.I look forward at using the learning in my next SCRUM project.

Abdul Khaliq Muhammed
I am glad that I had this opportunity to attend SCRUM training from Mr.Amit Kulkarni. On day one when I came into the training I had not much idea but Amit made the workshop very live and interactive.He introduced all of us to all SCRUM tools and techniques in a very practice theory.He actually conducted the session using the SCRUM methodology and gave us practical demonstration of simulations,charts,product road maps,games and ensured that knowledge of SCRUM come alive and gave us immense confidence with his ability to engage participants,scrum knowledge and communication skills he is definitely one of the best trainers for the subject.

Sanchit Kshirsagar
Mr.Amit Kulkarni conducted two day Agile-Scrum training and trained on Agile-Scrum basics as a project management methodology.
Amit has SCRUM knowledge to a great detail and he could translate his knowledge into trainees very effectively.Amit.K. used various charts/boards to explain the concepts of "TASK BOARD" SCRUM events and scrum artifacts.
Amit shared his personal work experience while explaining communication skill/Agile culture being set up in an organisation and introduced the trainees to the concept of product owner;SCRUM MASTER and the developer team role with great detail and the enthusiasm.

Ravi Shiggavi
I have attended SCRUM training given by Mr.Amit which has good subject,tools and techniques knowledge to train the student. He has demonstrated very well with example to clear my queries related to subject.He has very good communication skill to explain the subject matters.He has used many graphs and chart to give the real live example of SCRUM Mr. Amit has very good experienced professional both us trainer as well as IT-professional which help us to understand the SCRUM by theory and practice. It was great 2 day training session we had,it was excellent experience to get SCRUM well known subject matters.

Samir Patil
I recently attended Agile Scrum training from Mr.Amit Kulkarni. Amit has in depth knowledge on Scrum and Agile methodology. During the training he gave over every stage of scrum not just in theory but also showing examples.In fact the entire training was set up as a scrum agile project.Each activities were done by using charts,engaging team in doing activities in various roles He is very communicative and kept everyone in pace and engaged all the time. Amit has taken such training across various locations and he really has an excellent grip on the topic.

Prashant Bharat Sangle
Mr.Amit has a very good knowledge of scrum.The way of presentation,training techniques and tools used by Mr.Amit was help to understand scrum practically. Examples given by Mr.Amit while training are day to day examples.Communication with participants is really nice. He will keep engaging participants in example and help us to understand scrum more clearly. Charts used during presentation was extra-ordinary. He is explaining every phase of scrum more clearly. He is practising scrum with live examples.

Ashutosh Asgaonkar
I attended training om scrum with Effective Project Management Consultancy and found it extremely beneficial to understand the concepts over the period of two days Mr.Amit Kulkarni our trainer has provided us excellent knowledge and understanding on scrum. In the training workshop we did practical simulations on the roles, artefacts and agreements. Entire team of participants were engaged in games and role plays for practical understanding of scrum framework. Mr.Amit Kulkarni with his vast experience on variety of large complex projects helped us gain more insights in the form of various real life project examples. I thank EPMC Mumbai and Mr.AMIT KULKARNI for conducting such on amazing training workshop, thank you.

Shraddha Gajare
Mr.Amit Kulkarni trained in workshop with his excellent scrum knowledge with his more than 20 years of experience in this industry. He demonstrated all key terms and techniques with live experience in training room by actually making everyone participating and believing to work in scrum.To understand effectiveness and thought process behind all techniques,he made experience and play all possible games and charts in workshop.His strong communication skill made it very easy to absorb all keyword.

Mangal S. Kamble
Mr.Amit Kulkarni kept everyone engaged in scrum through live methodology experiencing.Amit used charts which we prepared considering this training as project.We actually created scrum sprints for whole activity and Amit explained through each charts like burn down,CFD tools and techniques used are very simple,attractive and effective.Amit communicate with each and keep the environment live with a fantastic Agile knowledge.He is a good,excellent trainer who can keep live examples and keep engaged.

Udit Sanadhya
Scrum knowledge by Mr.Amit was shared with a nice experience in depth and a good creative manner. The tools,techniques examples given by him were very real world,creative and acceptable related to everyone and topic's discussed. Communication was very effective as delivered with proper verbal and expressive techniques.Engaging all the participant and graphs the scenario were effectively done by him. Conclude that he is the effective person for training this world to Agile.

Ashish S. Dastane
Amit explained scrum concept very well.In fact through this training session we have done so much practical session through various charts. Through various colour combinations we understood scrum and agile concept.Through scrum training understood key words very effectively. Communication skill is very good and he possess good knowledge of scrum. I liked this practical session very much.

Neha Sirsath
I felt this training was more useful and scrum knowledge and the way training has taken place and conducted was just a wonderful representation and drawing charts and planning for sprint and group forming, games etc. With this all participated in the training. The way Mr. Amit was communicating with everyone and involving to all trainer by asking many questions in between or giving task because of that it's not felt boring or one way.Overall experience was amazing and more useful for my future prospective.

Milind K. Deshmukh
"Stupendous fabulously fantastical!" when I got the feedback form in the hand and asked to write how I felt about the training this word came in my mind. I felt that I was very fortunate to attend this training in the terms of learning something which was relatively new before the training and also listening/getting trained by the person who has tremendous experience in this era.
I would like to rate five out of five for every section of this training.

Nitin Sarjerao Pawar
Amit, I like your scrum training. Your communication skill is very powerful so I easily understood scrum concept. I like your training methods,examples which are giving training.You are using colour in charts and task board it is very attractive so I can easily understand charts, task-board and scrum concepts. I am very thankful to you for to gave good and essential knowledge.
Thank you very much.

Feedback from Andheri December 2015 workshop

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Yogesh Khanvilkar 

Amit has a very strong mixture of knowledge as well as practical experiences. This helped relating day to day activities/challenges and how Scrum adresses it.
Amit's training style is participative. Amit has a good verbal as well as non-verbal communication styles, which kept session intersting. Amit used good usag of props (walls for Scrum board) and great examples from day to day life, which made things easy and clear to understand.
I have attended few Scrum discussions / sessions / coaching / trainings, but this was one of the Best!

Mayur Padharia
Mr. Amit was the faculty who conducted the Agile training for us. He basically had good in depth knowledge of the concepts. Since he himself has the good exposure of the industry and he himself has used most of the techniques, it become useful for us to co-relate the concepts with his live examples. His training style was great where in he took the training in a scrum way. He has indepth knowledge of Scrum and also has good communication skills. He used charts, graphs and boards to make us remember and understand the concepts and use of it in proper way. In short the training really helped.

Altaj Khakiani

  • Amit has excellenet knowledge and experience of working with Scrum.
  • His training style is very practical and as he conducted it like scrum project.
  • As a Trainer/Coach, he has good communication skills.
  • Amit Kulkarni involved each and every student in various aspect of training. He laid a strong foundation of Agile software development for each of his students.
I am extremely happy to attend this training and would strongly recommend him to all my friends/colleagues.

Rahul Gawade
Amit(Sir) has an excellent grip on Scrum when it comes in delievring the knowledge which he has earned in past so many years. He has good training system which I believe nurture me in understanding the course very well. His communication while delivering the knowledge on the respective topic which he shared was very closed towards the topic. And to endup with his workshop techniques surely helps in understanding the course relatively in laymons words.

Raghavendar Kulkarni
Knowledge of Scrum is excellent, in depth coverage of topic and explanation with live examples.
Amit Kulkarni's training style is excellent by using various tools and methods. And the way the training was conducted was very much understandable to trainees.
Amit has great communication skills to pass on the required message in the training sessions.
Used most of the Agile training tools and techniques to explain the processes.
As a trainee I was very happy with the way Amit Kulkarni trained on Agile.

Saugat Majumdar
Amit has an extensive knowledge and experience on working of Scrum and Agile methodologies in IT domain. He successfully answered and clarified all queries and doubts as shared with him. The course was conducted in a very unique kind of interactive workshop cum simulation where the training itself was planned and progressed as a Scrum project. To me, this personally gave a practical understanding of how Scrum works. He was clear and precise in explaining each aspect of the training flow making it easy for us to grasp on the same. The course flow along with the usage of Scrum technique, paper cutouts and charts as an integral part of the training process created a very unique and informative experience. I would definitely recommend him.

Pranali Navalkar
I attended training by Amit Kulkarni as a student totally blank about the concept. He was not only able to get me interested in the concepts but also get an insight into how it is actually implemented.
He provided excellent examples to understand the concepts. Amit also made the session very lively and interactive and thus made the sessions NOT boaring even for a moment. He answered each and every query with passion.
A very passionate trainer, Amit!

Akshay Patil
I am really happy to share feedback on this training and trainer. I feel Amit is a really honest person and he deeply undestand the concepts and seriousness of this subject. The way he traind us it makes us to motivate on implementing the Agile in our organization. Amit has really different style of taking training which includes practical as well as theory. I believe I will take next training from him to understand the depth of next step of this certification.
Thanks for teaching Amit!!!

Chetna Attavar
This training was a good learning experience.
Knowledge of Scrum: Amit has extensive knowledge about Agile and Scrum methodologies. His experience adds value to the theory concepts discussed in the class. Suggest using more industrial cases than politics.
Training Style: Amit's style of training makes the technical topics interesting and easy to understand. His delivery is crisp and to-the-point.
Communication Skills: The two day workshop session with Amit was lively with lot of interactivities. He elliets participation from everyone and understands the learning styles.
Use of Techniques: Wall Boards - This technique is used by Amitincreased the assimilation and retention. Simulation - Amit simulating the training as Scrum workshopenhanced the partcipant experience and gave me first hand exposure into actual mock implementation.

Feedback from Pune November 2015 batch

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Amit Kulkarni
Amit Kulkarni has an excellent knowlwdge about Agile and Scrum altogether as topics. The way he has imparted his knowledge and skills is very appreciable. As a trainer, Amit not only made us through with Agile, Scrum concepts, but also made us experience it through interactive sessions, actually drawing task boards, charts.
Techniques used were planning poker, chart representations, sprint exercises.
I look forward to enroll for another training in future and wish very best to Amit Kulkarni.

Vinayak Pate
Amit Kulkarni provided us training on Fascinating World of Agile-Scrum.
Amit posses thorough knowledge of Agile, especially SCRUM. Various charts, burndown, burnup, CFD were explained through interactive exercises. Game of planning poker that we played helps to remember it throughtly.
Scrum activities between various meetings such as grooming, Planning, review, Retrospective is clearly understood. Terms product backlog, Sprint backlog, WIP, Dove explained through examples. So it is perfectly clear.
Thanks to Amit for such wonderful training.

Joydeep Kar
Mr. Amit is a very good faculty. I am really satisfied with his style of training. Amit has very decent level of knowledge on Scrum and Agile methodologies. Amit is thorough in his knowledge in Scrum.
Amit has used several techniques for his delivery of lessons. He teaches the concepts through charts, discussions, exercises and planning pockers.
I really thankful to Amit for giving me such opportunity for learning such concepts.
Thanks a lot.

Neelam Saxena
Amit has good knowledge on Scrum.
Amit delivered the training with lots of charts, examples, pictures & activities.
He is thourough with Agile methodologies, Scrum etc.
Amit has great energy and keep us motivated till the end of the delivery of training.
The concepts which were difficult to understand, Amit explained in very easy manner with real life examples.

Vyankatesh Kulkarni
Amit Kulkarni has excellent knowledge about project management and specially in Scrum.
He gives thorough information and knowledge about Agile methodology and Scrum framework.
His understanding with respect to scrum is clear and hence answers to every question asked with giving scenarios.
The techniques used during the sessions make more interactive and makes listener to participate willingly. Uses of actual charts and pokers make the discussions more interesting.

Feedback from Thane October 2015 batch

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Akshay Puradkar
Communication is excellent.
Knowledge is extraordinary.
Very good time management.
Presentation skills excellent.
Faculty is also available offline for doubt solving.
Veru good Course material, well formatted e-learning option available.

Kamalesh Lad
Intention to learn Agile methodologies has been achieved through training, can now implement few of methodologies to my projects wherever applicable.
Knowledge impating through presentation, exercise and charts has been very helpful.
Relative examples were provided which helped us to understand the topic clearly.
The study material is simple/easy to understand and can be used to study the topics for exam.
Our faculty (Amit Kulkarni) has presented the subject in a very easy way making us confident to appear for the exam.

Laukik Tasande
I have got to know about the training from internet. While discussing with Mr. Amit Kulkarni felt interest in joining the PMP-ACP® training.
The content of training is self explaimetry.In 2 days training program Amit has covered almost all areas of Agile and Scrum methodology.
Amit has an excellent way of describing Agile. he has given the example which we seen in our regular software implementation cycle. He has given the examples on how to track the sprint status and release sprint status.

Prasad Sawardekar
I attended the PMP-ACP® workshop conducted by Mr. Amit Kulkarni.
Amit has very good knowledge of Scrum. Also of other methodologies like XP, DSDM, Lean, etc.
He his extremely good in teaching the concepts to stidents. Any kind of question or doubt was addressed with satisfactory and convincing answer.
He possesses around 20 years in IT industry with 2-3 years in professional training.
During the session, lot of exapmles, diagrams, charts, cards were used that helped me to understand the concepts better and faster.
Agile can not be learnt only with theory, Amit brought perfect mix of theory and practice into play and made the session interactive and easy to learn and understand.

Rajesh Choudhary
The Scrum and Agile training workshop covered all the areas required towards implementation of Agile projects in the IT industry. During the training Amit has demonstrated that he has vast experience in the field of Agile project implementation. The training delivery style was highly interactive with active involvement from all the participants. Amit has used a highly practical approach towards training by using white board techniques. Amit has demonstrated that he has excellent knowledge in Scrum and Agile methodologies by giving relevant examples and case studies. The practical way of learning adopted during this training has truly benefited in enhancing my knowledge in the area of Scrum and Agile projects.

Swapnil Pawar
I found Amit's overall knowledge of Scrum i s very good. Due to his extemsive industry knowledge he could answer and co-relate the examples. 2 days session was very fruitful due to significant amount of real examples, charts and practical way of learning. he also could help us understand practical way of implementing Scrum by practicing Scrum by dividing sessions into Scrums and draw the charts. he was also very keen to share his experience, never just stick to PPT.
Overall good mentor, would say over a trainer. Thanks Amit.

Vijay Patil
I have attended 2 days training for Scrum and Agile conducted by Mr. Amit Kulkarni. I got lot of knowledge and clarilty about various concepts as his style is good and practical. He has very good knowledge of Scrum. Also good industry experience which help while giving examples.
I think practical experience of Scrum methodology is the best part in training/workshop. He share lot of industry examples & live charts are used in workshop.
This workshop is recommended to all.

Feedback from Pune October 2015 batch

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Anup Tikhe
It was preety nice experience taking training from Mr. Amit Kulkarni in Agile methodology, moreover Scrum. To be very honest, I was completely blank about the concepts of Scrum methodology and related implementations. But after having been trained for 2 days, now I fill quite comfortable and confident about Agile world. His knowledge in Scrum and other related methods is excellent. His way of explaining was topic was unique, very different from normal PPT presentation, i.e. actually making boards and showing implementation. Training style was very co-operative and nice body language through out the session. For his communication, I will rate the best, as he explained the concepts to the depth and solved all queries. On behalf of our batchmates, I really thank him for his efforts that he has taken to impart on the Scrum knowledge.

Mahesh Gadwal
Fascinating World of Agile - Scrum and Agile training workshop conducted by Mr. Amit Kulkarni is an excellent experience which I have gained today. If I have to talk about his expertise or knowledge about this area is exceptional. His way of delivery is outstanding. I enjoyed the way he has given the hands on experience of Scrum. It has helped in understanding the concepts very well.

Nitin Salunke
Amit being successful IT professional with 20+ years of experience has excellent and rich knowledge of various project management methodologies and best IT industry practices.
Amit has in depth knowledge of Scrum also. His training style shows that he has been using all older as well as latest tools & techniques to make his students understand easy & complex topics vwey quickly and easily to ensure they understand what he has been teaching.
Amit has included all the concepts and topics during the Scrum training. It was like we are doing a real-lefe agile (Scrum) project together as part of two day 
PMP-ACP® training. I shall not hesitate to recommend him for project management trainings.

Pankaj Rajpurkar
I have attended the Scrum training workshop conducted by Mr. Amit Kulkarni.
Amit is having in depth knowledge of Scrum in details and training style is more interactive workshop unlike another just power point classroom training.
Amit has covered well suitable examples to explain the Scrum concepts and executed the end to end case study of real life project in real sprint style, along with all required charts updation time to time as course proceeds.
Communication is very effective and easy to understand the concepts.
Amit has the through clarity on concepts and very much clarity on Scrum & Agile throught process.

Sabha Shaikh
I have attended PMP-ACP® training conducted by Amit Kulkarni in Pune on 10-11 October 2015 held at hotel Kapila, DP road, Pune.
I am very much impressed with the level of Scrum knowledge he has and delivered it to us in a very detailed with the help of ppts, Graphs, Poker Cards mock meeting and lots of other ease study for each topics.
His communication skill is also very good due to which there was no problem in understanding any topic.
Also he has used lot of real life situation which makes it understand easily.
I would like to thank him for making us understand "Agile World".

Sunil Patil
Prior to attending this 2 days session, I had different thoughts about directions. Thanks to Mr. Amit Kulkarni who helped me in understanding the Agile, especially the Scrum.
Amit has his unique style of training, due to which understanding of Scrum was a fun learning experience for me. During this 2 Days sessions (Interactive sessions), the way examples and charts were used was too excellent. Good communication and clear thought process of Amit has helped me upgrade my knowledge. thanks to Amit for this interactive session of 2 days.

Vikram Bilgikar
After attending "fascinating World of Agile" program, now I can confidently say that my fundaments are clear on Agile which was not clear prior joining this course.
This is mainly due to

  1. The way Amit has explained the concepts with real time scenarios which -> proves that he masters the concepts of Agile.
  2. Training Skills -> Excellent since he took one sample Agile project while explaining the concepts, this is awsome, this is USP of it.
  3. Life example -> What else you need to get address your queries.
  4. Very effective communication style -> I can vouch him anywhere.
  5. Very Learning concepts and explaining via realtime problem of making sure that team understand it.

Vishal Kulkarni
Attended PMP-ACP® (Agile Certified Professional) workshop by Amit KulkarniAmit conducted the workshop using Scrum, which is a actual practical way of conducting PMP-ACP® workshop using Scrum. Amit has great/superb knnowledge on Scrum, the practices charts, the way projects has to be managed using Scrum (Agile methodology). He is pretty straight forward, clear in explaining the concepts with real world examples which has flavor of of his own experience of Agile/Scrum implementation during his professional career.
He is great in knowledge areas and with his valuable knowledge he can really train the people with exact, correct, perfect & clear Scrum concepts.
I wish him All the best for his future assignments.

Feedback from Andheri September 2015 batch

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Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Mahendra Vengurlekar
Faculty - Mr. Amit Kulkarni
Knowledge - Highly Potential. With a fantastic calibre and excellent delivery of knowledge. Explanation to each and every topic. Lead and deliver with examples which helped in understanding Agile-Scrum in easy manner. Every topic delivered was within the time frame and less varience.
Amit's method of training was different. The way presentation was performed was with full energy and in unique method by displaying cards and graphs on the chart paper.
Communicated effectively with team and kept the trainers engage throughout training. Same level of energy was visible even at the end of the day.

Amisha Shah
I attended the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® by Project Management Institute (PMI)® training faciliated by Mr. Amit Kulkarni. Here are some valuable feedback -
The overall knowledge Amit had imparted about Agile has really helped me to get the good understanding about Agile course and curriculum. He has indepth knowledge about the subject which I highly appreciate.
Training method was veru interactive and easy to understand. Not much of the technical jargon. Experience driven training methodology aided me to relate it with the practical issue we face in our professional life.
Thought process quality is really commentable where I was able to easily connect with real life examples.
I would definitely recommend my collegues and friends to take ACP, PMP and PRINCE2 trainings from Mr. Amit Kulkarni.

Sachin Gayake
I am really greateful to Amit sir for providing me the opportunity to attend the 'Scrum and Agile' training. I appreciate Amit Kulkarni sir's dedicated efforts and absolute focus during the sessions.
Highly interactive sessions helped me a lot to understand few scrum concepts in better way. Practical case studies discussed in training sessions envisaged my knowledge.
I must appreciate 'Knowledge Areas' displayed by Amit sir during the sessionss. Very well aquainted with the Scrum & Agile concepts. Collaborating it with industry experiences added value.
Training material and delivery was of highest possible quailty. Very well organised through continuous feedback accomodation. Through Sprints - Agile mindset - session delivery was awesome.
Thanks once again for simple and wonderful experience. Good Luck to Amit Kulkarni Sir!

Ashish Govil
I have attended the training on PMI-ACP on 12-13 September 2015. Trainer Mr. Amit Kulkarni took the sessions and explained the Agile concepts in a great detailsthrough a workshop mode where lot of interaction happened with the team and trainer. Mr. Amit Kulkarni had a good grasp on the subject and could explain us the subject with fine points and giving practical experiences from IT industry.
The training materials shared and flipcharts were of good quality and very informative. The material traversed from initiation of project to end of project in a workshop mode.
Mr. Amit Kulkarni has a good grasp on the Agile methodology.

Shirish Bandichode
Mr. Amit Kulkarni posses an excellent knowledge in Project Management Theories. Be it is PRINCE2, PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL he has got all the answers which trainee needs. He gives up practical knowledge through his experience and qualification.
He always strive to go ahead to give knowledge beyond the subject; how a perticular theory is linked to another. In his two days training, no one will have any dull moment or you won't feel lost. He focuses on each and every individual and makes sure every one is in the flow.
I would recomond him to anyone who wants to enhance knowledge in the world of IT.

Jyoti Jhurani
Amit kulkarni has practical knowledge in implementing Agile projects that helps participants to understand the how they can implement the concepts studied in training in real world projects.
Amit's training method make participants to run sprint in classroom, gives them confidence about practical implementation of Agile methodology.
Course content is also very good to understand Agile concepts very easy.

Chirantan Mukherji
At first I was circumspect on whether to join EPMC. That is when I spoke to Mr. Amit Kulkarni, the director-cum faculty for the course. He instilled a lot of confidence. During the classroom training found Mr. Kulkarni extremely knowledgeable, very thorough with Agile concepts. Through a very practical and value additive pedagogy the learning felt very easy and one that we will retain as we ourselves practised the principle in class, played Agile games. class participation was optimal and the faculty clarified all the doubts. I am glad I chose Amit sir's class.

Sachin Bhat
Amit Kulkarni conducted the whole Agile course in a very translucent manner. The whole idea of dividing the 2 day Agile training into Scrum cycle made me absolutely clear to understand the Agile/Scrum methodology.
Amit's practical experience on handling large and complex projects helped in understanding / sharing examples. Having charts and visual efforts were enriching.
Quality of the training was at its best. I would rate Amits training 4.8/5.
Great Job in conducting such a wonderful training.
Thank you.

Feedback from Pune June Batch

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Feedback from Pune June Batch

Kaushik, Participant Of our PMI-ACP Training Says

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EPMC - Scrum Agile Training Feedback from Kaushik

Dharmesh , Participant Of our PMI-ACP Training Says

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EPMC - Agile Feedback from Dharmesh

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