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Feedback from Andheri December 2015 workshop

posted 24 Jan 2016, 22:13 by EPMC Admin   [ updated 7 Jul 2016, 09:07 by Vaijayantee Kamat ]

Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Yogesh Khanvilkar 

Amit has a very strong mixture of knowledge as well as practical experiences. This helped relating day to day activities/challenges and how Scrum adresses it.
Amit's training style is participative. Amit has a good verbal as well as non-verbal communication styles, which kept session intersting. Amit used good usag of props (walls for Scrum board) and great examples from day to day life, which made things easy and clear to understand.
I have attended few Scrum discussions / sessions / coaching / trainings, but this was one of the Best!

Mayur Padharia
Mr. Amit was the faculty who conducted the Agile training for us. He basically had good in depth knowledge of the concepts. Since he himself has the good exposure of the industry and he himself has used most of the techniques, it become useful for us to co-relate the concepts with his live examples. His training style was great where in he took the training in a scrum way. He has indepth knowledge of Scrum and also has good communication skills. He used charts, graphs and boards to make us remember and understand the concepts and use of it in proper way. In short the training really helped.

Altaj Khakiani

  • Amit has excellenet knowledge and experience of working with Scrum.
  • His training style is very practical and as he conducted it like scrum project.
  • As a Trainer/Coach, he has good communication skills.
  • Amit Kulkarni involved each and every student in various aspect of training. He laid a strong foundation of Agile software development for each of his students.
I am extremely happy to attend this training and would strongly recommend him to all my friends/colleagues.

Rahul Gawade
Amit(Sir) has an excellent grip on Scrum when it comes in delievring the knowledge which he has earned in past so many years. He has good training system which I believe nurture me in understanding the course very well. His communication while delivering the knowledge on the respective topic which he shared was very closed towards the topic. And to endup with his workshop techniques surely helps in understanding the course relatively in laymons words.

Raghavendar Kulkarni
Knowledge of Scrum is excellent, in depth coverage of topic and explanation with live examples.
Amit Kulkarni's training style is excellent by using various tools and methods. And the way the training was conducted was very much understandable to trainees.
Amit has great communication skills to pass on the required message in the training sessions.
Used most of the Agile training tools and techniques to explain the processes.
As a trainee I was very happy with the way Amit Kulkarni trained on Agile.

Saugat Majumdar
Amit has an extensive knowledge and experience on working of Scrum and Agile methodologies in IT domain. He successfully answered and clarified all queries and doubts as shared with him. The course was conducted in a very unique kind of interactive workshop cum simulation where the training itself was planned and progressed as a Scrum project. To me, this personally gave a practical understanding of how Scrum works. He was clear and precise in explaining each aspect of the training flow making it easy for us to grasp on the same. The course flow along with the usage of Scrum technique, paper cutouts and charts as an integral part of the training process created a very unique and informative experience. I would definitely recommend him.

Pranali Navalkar
I attended training by Amit Kulkarni as a student totally blank about the concept. He was not only able to get me interested in the concepts but also get an insight into how it is actually implemented.
He provided excellent examples to understand the concepts. Amit also made the session very lively and interactive and thus made the sessions NOT boaring even for a moment. He answered each and every query with passion.
A very passionate trainer, Amit!

Akshay Patil
I am really happy to share feedback on this training and trainer. I feel Amit is a really honest person and he deeply undestand the concepts and seriousness of this subject. The way he traind us it makes us to motivate on implementing the Agile in our organization. Amit has really different style of taking training which includes practical as well as theory. I believe I will take next training from him to understand the depth of next step of this certification.
Thanks for teaching Amit!!!

Chetna Attavar
This training was a good learning experience.
Knowledge of Scrum: Amit has extensive knowledge about Agile and Scrum methodologies. His experience adds value to the theory concepts discussed in the class. Suggest using more industrial cases than politics.
Training Style: Amit's style of training makes the technical topics interesting and easy to understand. His delivery is crisp and to-the-point.
Communication Skills: The two day workshop session with Amit was lively with lot of interactivities. He elliets participation from everyone and understands the learning styles.
Use of Techniques: Wall Boards - This technique is used by Amitincreased the assimilation and retention. Simulation - Amit simulating the training as Scrum workshopenhanced the partcipant experience and gave me first hand exposure into actual mock implementation.