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Feedback from Thane January 2016 workshop

posted 19 Feb 2016, 02:50 by EPMC Admin   [ updated 7 Jul 2016, 09:06 by Vaijayantee Kamat ]

Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Ishwar Khutal
Before join this training I was thought I will learn Agile methodology theory which was learned in my college days.
But after this two days training I changed my thought about Agile methodology due to Amit Sir's teaching techniques.
I didn't get bore and really enjoyed the every session.The way of Amit Sir explaining all concepts my confidence grow up and realise that I can also become a good SCRUM Master.In my real life if i fall in any critical issues I can definitely use this tricks and techniques to resolve the issues.

Amrish C. Thakkar
I found Amit a very good speaker on SCRUM/AGILE topics that he spoke about.his SCRUM knowledge is immense and his application of it in real life (live projects) helps the audience very well (more relevant).
Amit used SCRUM itself in teaching us SCRUM.Meaning,the course itself was didvided into 4 sprints and he gradually took us through practicing the same.I found it a very good technique where we did lot of cartings.
Communication wise as well Amit is very precise and clear,engage participants by giving team member different roles to experiment first hand.It was a full on workshop and not boring lecture.
Amit's experience in the industry on applying Scrum on it projects was a great benefit to the group.

Rahul Anand Manavi
I throughly enjoyed Amit's SCRUM training workshop.I found Amit to be very profiecient in SCRUM methodology.
The workshop was very engagaing and interactive which included usage of charts/simulations,games used by Amit to deliver basic knowledge and concepts of scrum.
I also felt that faculty was very well versed in SCRUM and its applications to different projects.Through Amit's mode of teaching and use of apt examples his rich industry experience did reflect.His background in fact made the understanding whole lot easier.Over all it was very well worth of time to have spent learning SCRUM and I thank Amit for delivering such an excellent workshop.

Ganapati Hedge
The two day Scrum ang Agile workshop conducted by Mr.Amit Kulkarni was a very innovative and interactive training I have ever attended.The training covered all concepts and knowledge of SCRUM.The entire framework was covered with great examples and our interactive participation helped us.The learnings got deeply absorbed by usage of charts which are used in SCRUM projects.
The workshop co-related the framework with lot of examples and we got practise them by simulated real life projects.
The script and clear way of presentation helped a lot.I look forward at using the learning in my next SCRUM project.

Abdul Khaliq Muhammed
I am glad that I had this opportunity to attend SCRUM training from Mr.Amit Kulkarni. On day one when I came into the training I had not much idea but Amit made the workshop very live and interactive.He introduced all of us to all SCRUM tools and techniques in a very practice theory.He actually conducted the session using the SCRUM methodology and gave us practical demonstration of simulations,charts,product road maps,games and ensured that knowledge of SCRUM come alive and gave us immense confidence with his ability to engage participants,scrum knowledge and communication skills he is definitely one of the best trainers for the subject.

Sanchit Kshirsagar
Mr.Amit Kulkarni conducted two day Agile-Scrum training and trained on Agile-Scrum basics as a project management methodology.
Amit has SCRUM knowledge to a great detail and he could translate his knowledge into trainees very effectively.Amit.K. used various charts/boards to explain the concepts of "TASK BOARD" SCRUM events and scrum artifacts.
Amit shared his personal work experience while explaining communication skill/Agile culture being set up in an organisation and introduced the trainees to the concept of product owner;SCRUM MASTER and the developer team role with great detail and the enthusiasm.

Ravi Shiggavi
I have attended SCRUM training given by Mr.Amit which has good subject,tools and techniques knowledge to train the student. He has demonstrated very well with example to clear my queries related to subject.He has very good communication skill to explain the subject matters.He has used many graphs and chart to give the real live example of SCRUM Mr. Amit has very good experienced professional both us trainer as well as IT-professional which help us to understand the SCRUM by theory and practice. It was great 2 day training session we had,it was excellent experience to get SCRUM well known subject matters.

Samir Patil
I recently attended Agile Scrum training from Mr.Amit Kulkarni. Amit has in depth knowledge on Scrum and Agile methodology. During the training he gave over every stage of scrum not just in theory but also showing examples.In fact the entire training was set up as a scrum agile project.Each activities were done by using charts,engaging team in doing activities in various roles He is very communicative and kept everyone in pace and engaged all the time. Amit has taken such training across various locations and he really has an excellent grip on the topic.

Prashant Bharat Sangle
Mr.Amit has a very good knowledge of scrum.The way of presentation,training techniques and tools used by Mr.Amit was help to understand scrum practically. Examples given by Mr.Amit while training are day to day examples.Communication with participants is really nice. He will keep engaging participants in example and help us to understand scrum more clearly. Charts used during presentation was extra-ordinary. He is explaining every phase of scrum more clearly. He is practising scrum with live examples.

Ashutosh Asgaonkar
I attended training om scrum with Effective Project Management Consultancy and found it extremely beneficial to understand the concepts over the period of two days Mr.Amit Kulkarni our trainer has provided us excellent knowledge and understanding on scrum. In the training workshop we did practical simulations on the roles, artefacts and agreements. Entire team of participants were engaged in games and role plays for practical understanding of scrum framework. Mr.Amit Kulkarni with his vast experience on variety of large complex projects helped us gain more insights in the form of various real life project examples. I thank EPMC Mumbai and Mr.AMIT KULKARNI for conducting such on amazing training workshop, thank you.

Shraddha Gajare
Mr.Amit Kulkarni trained in workshop with his excellent scrum knowledge with his more than 20 years of experience in this industry. He demonstrated all key terms and techniques with live experience in training room by actually making everyone participating and believing to work in scrum.To understand effectiveness and thought process behind all techniques,he made experience and play all possible games and charts in workshop.His strong communication skill made it very easy to absorb all keyword.

Mangal S. Kamble
Mr.Amit Kulkarni kept everyone engaged in scrum through live methodology experiencing.Amit used charts which we prepared considering this training as project.We actually created scrum sprints for whole activity and Amit explained through each charts like burn down,CFD tools and techniques used are very simple,attractive and effective.Amit communicate with each and keep the environment live with a fantastic Agile knowledge.He is a good,excellent trainer who can keep live examples and keep engaged.

Udit Sanadhya
Scrum knowledge by Mr.Amit was shared with a nice experience in depth and a good creative manner. The tools,techniques examples given by him were very real world,creative and acceptable related to everyone and topic's discussed. Communication was very effective as delivered with proper verbal and expressive techniques.Engaging all the participant and graphs the scenario were effectively done by him. Conclude that he is the effective person for training this world to Agile.

Ashish S. Dastane
Amit explained scrum concept very well.In fact through this training session we have done so much practical session through various charts. Through various colour combinations we understood scrum and agile concept.Through scrum training understood key words very effectively. Communication skill is very good and he possess good knowledge of scrum. I liked this practical session very much.

Neha Sirsath
I felt this training was more useful and scrum knowledge and the way training has taken place and conducted was just a wonderful representation and drawing charts and planning for sprint and group forming, games etc. With this all participated in the training. The way Mr. Amit was communicating with everyone and involving to all trainer by asking many questions in between or giving task because of that it's not felt boring or one way.Overall experience was amazing and more useful for my future prospective.

Milind K. Deshmukh
"Stupendous fabulously fantastical!" when I got the feedback form in the hand and asked to write how I felt about the training this word came in my mind. I felt that I was very fortunate to attend this training in the terms of learning something which was relatively new before the training and also listening/getting trained by the person who has tremendous experience in this era.
I would like to rate five out of five for every section of this training.

Nitin Sarjerao Pawar
Amit, I like your scrum training. Your communication skill is very powerful so I easily understood scrum concept. I like your training methods,examples which are giving training.You are using colour in charts and task board it is very attractive so I can easily understand charts, task-board and scrum concepts. I am very thankful to you for to gave good and essential knowledge.
Thank you very much.