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Feedback from Thane October 2015 batch

posted 17 Nov 2015, 02:31 by EPMC Admin   [ updated 7 Jul 2016, 23:06 by Vaijayantee Kamat ]

Read what our students say about  our training workshop for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®  credentials by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

Akshay Puradkar
Communication is excellent.
Knowledge is extraordinary.
Very good time management.
Presentation skills excellent.
Faculty is also available offline for doubt solving.
Veru good Course material, well formatted e-learning option available.

Kamalesh Lad
Intention to learn Agile methodologies has been achieved through training, can now implement few of methodologies to my projects wherever applicable.
Knowledge impating through presentation, exercise and charts has been very helpful.
Relative examples were provided which helped us to understand the topic clearly.
The study material is simple/easy to understand and can be used to study the topics for exam.
Our faculty (Amit Kulkarni) has presented the subject in a very easy way making us confident to appear for the exam.

Laukik Tasande
I have got to know about the training from internet. While discussing with Mr. Amit Kulkarni felt interest in joining the PMP-ACP® training.
The content of training is self explaimetry.In 2 days training program Amit has covered almost all areas of Agile and Scrum methodology.
Amit has an excellent way of describing Agile. he has given the example which we seen in our regular software implementation cycle. He has given the examples on how to track the sprint status and release sprint status.

Prasad Sawardekar
I attended the PMP-ACP® workshop conducted by Mr. Amit Kulkarni.
Amit has very good knowledge of Scrum. Also of other methodologies like XP, DSDM, Lean, etc.
He his extremely good in teaching the concepts to stidents. Any kind of question or doubt was addressed with satisfactory and convincing answer.
He possesses around 20 years in IT industry with 2-3 years in professional training.
During the session, lot of exapmles, diagrams, charts, cards were used that helped me to understand the concepts better and faster.
Agile can not be learnt only with theory, Amit brought perfect mix of theory and practice into play and made the session interactive and easy to learn and understand.

Rajesh Choudhary
The Scrum and Agile training workshop covered all the areas required towards implementation of Agile projects in the IT industry. During the training Amit has demonstrated that he has vast experience in the field of Agile project implementation. The training delivery style was highly interactive with active involvement from all the participants. Amit has used a highly practical approach towards training by using white board techniques. Amit has demonstrated that he has excellent knowledge in Scrum and Agile methodologies by giving relevant examples and case studies. The practical way of learning adopted during this training has truly benefited in enhancing my knowledge in the area of Scrum and Agile projects.

Swapnil Pawar
I found Amit's overall knowledge of Scrum i s very good. Due to his extemsive industry knowledge he could answer and co-relate the examples. 2 days session was very fruitful due to significant amount of real examples, charts and practical way of learning. he also could help us understand practical way of implementing Scrum by practicing Scrum by dividing sessions into Scrums and draw the charts. he was also very keen to share his experience, never just stick to PPT.
Overall good mentor, would say over a trainer. Thanks Amit.

Vijay Patil
I have attended 2 days training for Scrum and Agile conducted by Mr. Amit Kulkarni. I got lot of knowledge and clarilty about various concepts as his style is good and practical. He has very good knowledge of Scrum. Also good industry experience which help while giving examples.
I think practical experience of Scrum methodology is the best part in training/workshop. He share lot of industry examples & live charts are used in workshop.
This workshop is recommended to all.