Introduction to Fascinating World of Agile

Fascinating World of Agile is a holistic Agile training program intended to comprehensively train an individual on Scrum and agile techniques to be used during the Sprints.

This is a 2 months interactive program. Focus of the program is to equip the delegates to participate effectively in scrum projects. Upon successful completion, the delegates will be able to
  • Appreciate the true spirit of scrum
  • Have an understanding about how scrum gets implemented on the ground
  • Be a active and effective member in an agile team
  • Ready to acquire industry certifications – These certifications are widely accepted quantified proof of your knowledge

Components of Fascinating World of Agile

Fascinating World of Agile has following components
  • Pre-Course online content based on Scrum Guide where the intention is to acquaint one with the Scrum Guide. This is an audio and video recording of Amit Kulkarni where one can listen to his voice and see the slides based on the Scrum Guide.
  • 2-DAYclassroom training program on SCRUM. This is a 9AM-6PM workshop for 2 days.
  • A comprehensive study guide is given to delegates to study after the workshop. This includes details of SCRUM, Techniques and tools from other methodologies and introduction to other Agile methodologies.
  • 180 day Access to online content is given to all delegates
  • Delegates are given practice questions and question banks on Scrum and Agile. They are aligned with ASM, PSM-I and PMI-ACP® Credential exams. They are 9 question banks in number and there are totally 1000+ questions.
  • The question bank has detailed automated analysis of which areas the delegates are going wrong. This helps them to prepare on areas where they are weak.
  • Delegates have access to Amit in terms of solving difficulties or clarification of doubts till they pass the exams or beyond.

Feedback from Pune June Batch

Feedback from Mumbai January Batch

Want to know about Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam?

Amit Kulkarni, Agile-Scrum Faculty for EPMC (Mumbai and Pune)
Amit Kulkarni, CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP
20+ years of experience. Agile Coach and expert on Scrum.

Amit Kulkarni conducting Planning Poker Estimation Exercise

Topics Covered in the 2 Day comprehensive workshop on Scrum / Agile (8:30AM to 6:30PM both days)

SECTION I : Foundation Concepts on Agile
1 Introduction to Agile
2 Agile Manifesto
3 Agile Development Methodologies
4 Agile Domains – The Essential skillsets
5 Product Development Lifecycle
6 Introduction to Scrum
7 The Scrum Roles
8 The Scrum Artifacts
9 The User Story
10 Scrum Events
SECTION III : Tools and Techniques used in A Sprint
11 Requirements Prioritization
12 Facilitation Techniques
13 Agile Estimation
14 Information Radiators
15 Wireframes, Prototypes, Simulations, Demonstrations
SECTION IV : Lean and Extreme Programming Techniques used during a Sprint
16 Extreme Programming Practices
17 Lean Techniques
18 Kanban