Certified Scrum Master® Certification

This 2 days classroom workshop delivered by Expert & Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). It includes Certified Scrum Master Exam fee. This workshop will prepare participants for mastering the most difficult role in Scrum, while providing tested and practical techniques for data-based iterative product management within Scrum by video’s, activities, exercises .
Course Contents / Agenda:
  • Introduction to Scrum

    • Waterfall vs. Agile

    • Agile manifesto

    • The principle of Scrum

    • User stories : definition, description, epics, themes, the iceberg effect

    • Product backlog, prioritization techniques

    • Sprint, Sprint backlog

  • Planning & estimation

    • The Scrum Rules of estimation

    • The Chart of effectiveness

    • Planning poker exercise

    • How to plan properly

    • Capacity handling

  • Roles & responsibilities

    • Scrum team

    • Scrum master

    • Product owner

    • Stakeholders

    • Users

    • Definition of done

  • Ceremonies

    • Review meeting

    • Retrospective meeting

    • Planning meeting

    • Scrum stand-up meeting

    • Scrum of Scrums meeting

    • Sprint celebration meeting

    • Scrum Artifacts

    • Burn down chart

    • Sprint backlog

    • Product backlog

    • Product burn down chart

    • Task board

    • Visual board


  • Participants who complete the two-day classroom workshop will be required, within 90 days of the course date, to take an online, 35 multiple choice questions (Min passing 24),
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive official designation as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) by the Scrum Alliance, along with a one-year membership of the Scrum Alliance.

Who Can Attend:

    • Everyone who is interested in working with a Scrum team and wants to know about Scrum, CSM Training and Certification is ideal for:

    • Project Managers

    • Managers

    • Product Owners

    • Architects

    • Product Managers

    • Developers

    • Programmers

    • Software Developers

    • Software Testers

    • Team Leads

    • Executives

    • Business Analyst

Arne Åhlander
Arne Åhlander is a Senior Consultant using Agile and Lean methodologies to improve management and product development for several larger software organizations.

Arne has experience from the software industry since 1994, to a great part in the area of product management where he have held several senior positions. Arne has managed Scrum projects, helped customers start Scrum initiatives. Arne is a CSM, CSPO, CSP and he became a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) in November, 2008.

Mr Ahlander is a TBR (Training From the Back of the Room) Certified Trainer.

Arne is based in Lund, Sweden, employed by Aqqurite and an active member of the SW Business Improvement efforts in Scandinavia. He holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at Lund University, Sweden.

Special interests of Arne, are:

  • The Product Owner role
  • Business Value calculations
  • Prioritization of projects based on Business Value
  • Extending Scrum within organizations
  • Scaling of Scrum
Arne had been regular to India every quarter from last >1 year and sharing his Global knowledge of Scrum and also helping people achieving CSM, CSPO Certifications.

Madhur Kathuria

As one of the only 30 experts on this planet with the dual certification of CEC & CST from Scrum Alliance and also the only one in Asia with these credentials, Madhur has been training and coaching Scrum Teams across India, Europe and USA for past 12 years.

Madhur is passionate about spreading the benefits of Agile by helping others adopt the essence of Agile methods and avoid the Scrumyths. He has led the adoption and implementation of agile and scrum methodology at many organizations, leading successful agile projects with teams in the US, Europe, and India in the process coaching and training 12000+ professionals in Agile software development. He has created Agile User groups including India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC), Agile Pune, Scrum Evangelists Hyderabad and Asia Agile Forum (AAF).

Madhur also focuses on individuals and organizations realize their full potential through focused training programs, Executive and leadership training and coaching and one to one mentorship and counselling both at personal and professional level.

In 2012, Madhur created the "Battlefield Agility" framework, a rapid, incremental development technique focused on bringing benefits of agile philosophy and defense forces discipline to the field of software delivery. This framework is now being adopted across multiple customers in India in the areas of Product Development and IT