Certified Scrum Master training at Mumbai

Certified Scrum Master training is the oldest and most recognized Scrum Certification in the industry. Amit Kulkarni is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from Scrum Alliance and conducts CSM Trainings for EPMC.

Following is the Schedule
Mumbai -Andheri

Mumbai -Thane
14-15 Dec 19 

11-12 Jan 20 
Amit Kulkarni

Amit Kulkarni

Hotel Orchid

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About your faculty - Amit Kulkarni

Amit Kulkarni is one of the top 10 Certified Scrum Trainers in India. He has an overall experience of 23+ years in the industry and 5+ years as an trainer on various subjects such as Scrum, Agile, DevOps. Amit was in TCS for 18+ years and was heading the Europe Banking for 7 years. He has done large Agile transformations in ABN AMRO Bank in Netherlands.

Why Amit's CSM Class

  1. Amit has a unique style of engagement with participants which helps the participants understand the topic. Amit's training is ZERO POWERPOINT training and is full of Simulations, Exercises, Story Telling and unique training techniques. See below some of the Videos of Amit in action during his classes.
  2. Amit's Classes are always of a reasonable size unlike the other crowded CSM classes. Amit limits his class to 30 participants unlike other classes with 50+ participants.
  3. Amit is a local of Mumbai. You can visit his office in Mumbai and meet him one-on-one for dicussions about guidance on your career or any help that you may need about implementation of Agile and Scrum.

Amit's Drawings during the class help in visualization and help participants understand the concepts better

Scrum Lifecycle Diagram By Amit Kulkarni during Certified Scrum Master Workshop (CSM)

Participant Feedback Video for CSM Classes

CSM Workshop feedback for Amit Kulkarni at Mumbai

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Scrum Lifecycle Story by Amit Kulkarni

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification

This 2 days classroom workshop delivered by Expert & Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). It includes Certified Scrum Master Exam fee. This workshop will prepare participants for mastering the most difficult role in Scrum, while providing tested and practical techniques for incremental and iterative product management within Scrum by video’s, activities, exercises .
  • Participants who complete the two-day classroom workshop will be required, within 90 days of the course date, to take an online, 35 multiple choice questions (Min passing 24),
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive official designation as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) by the Scrum Alliance, along with a one-year membership of the Scrum Alliance.

CSM Course Contents / Agenda

    1. Introduction to Agile
    2. Difference between Waterfall and Agile
    3. Agile Manifesto – 4 values and 12 principles
    4. Agile Mindset
    5. SCRUM Overview
    6. Scrum Roles
    7. Scrum Artifacts
    8. User Story
    9. Estimations
    10. Definition of Done
    11. Scrum Events
    12. Generally Accepted Agile Practices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Certified Scrum Master Certification

Question : Am I Eligible for CSM?
Answer : There is no eligibility for CSM certification. Even if you are a fresher, you can attend CSM training. The necessary things to be done for getting certified on Scrum is
    • Attend 2 day training
    • Pass the CSM Examination
Question : Is CSM applicable for non-IT industry?
Answer : Scrum is the most famous Agile framework. Scrum has already been used in Automobiles, Research, Education, Pharma, Manufacturing, Banking etc. It is a way of doing things. CSM is very much applicable for non-IT industries.
Question : Who can attend Certified Scrum Master Training?
Answer :Everyone who is interested in working with a Scrum team and wants to know about Scrum, CSM Training and Certification is ideal for:Project Managers, Managers, Product Owners, Architects, Product Managers, Developers, Programmers, Software Developers, Software Testers, Team Leads, Executives, Business Analyst
Question : What is the Examination Format?
    • The Exam is a 35 question examination.
    • Only question type is multiple choice type question. i.e. there are 3 or 4 options and only one correct answer.
    • You have to score 24 out of 35 to pass
Question : What is the certainty that I will pass the examination?
Answer : Our trainers have trained more than 5000 people till date and less than 50 would have failed in the examination. So the answer is that there is a 99% chance that you will pass the examination.
Question : What if I still fail?
Answer : You are eligible for TWO ATTEMPTS in the certification fees that you have paid. So if you fail, you will be given another chance to appear for the examination. However, before making a second attempt, our faculty will like to talk to you on your understanding of Scrum.
Question : I know Scrum. So if I dont want to attend the training is it ok?
Answer : NO. You have to attend the training. More than the necessity, please understand why the training is compulsory. You need to understand the depths of Scrum and Agile. You may have done Agile in your company, however, learning on the job always involves modifying as per your wish and will and essentially you end up doing the same old things – just renamed as Scrum. It is better that you understand Scrum in a classroom setting so that you get depth on the subject.
Question : Is CSM Certification enough for me?
Answer : The CSM Training is to get you acquainted with Scrum. Your job is to get depth and prepare on this subject. We will help you with a learning path in terms of recommendations on reading.
Question : What is your differentiation on CSM course?
    • We dont just give training. We give post training support to all our students. After the training you need help in terms understanding the subject better, clarify doubts, get depth in the subject. Mr. Amit Kulkarni is a well known trainer on Agile and he will personally help with responding to your queries post the training.
    • We give you a online course with the CSM training. This Online course has in-depth topics on Generally Accepted Agile Practices e.g. estimation, prioritization, user story related etc. This course will help you build depth on the subject.
    • We help with connecting with other students of EPMC. EPMC has been operating for last 5 years and EPMC has trained not just on CSM but also on other Agile and Project Management related subjects such as PMI-ACP, DevOps, PRINCE2, PMP etc. EPMC regularly holds meetup on “World of Agile” meetup group.