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Customer Valued Prioritization

Customer Valued Prioritization

Customer-valued prioritization is concerned with working on the items that yield the highest value to the customer as soon as possible. This technique aims to engage the customer in the prioritization process, in which the team identifies high-value features and moves them up the backlog of items to work on.

The use of customer-valued prioritization schemes is a common across all agile methods. While the terminology varies e.g. In Scrum, its called aProduct Backlog, FDD has a feature list, and DSDM has a “prioritized requirements list”. The project works through a prioritized list of items that have certain customer value.

The prioritization schemes used vary from method to method and sometimes project to project based on what works for the customer. One of the simplest schemes is to prioritize items as “Priority 1,” “Priority 2,” “Priority 3,” etc. While this approach is straightforward, it can be problematic in that people have a tendency to designate everything a Priority 1. If too many items are labelled Priority 1, the prioritizing becomes ineffective. For the same reasons, “high”, “medium,” and “low” prioritizations can also be problematic.