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8.Creating DevOps Teams

Creating DevOps Teams

A team is a group of individuals working towards a common goal, interdependent with each other, with some familiarity among members. Teams holds a set of convictions expressed by the majority of the participants. Some of the aspects to be considered in making great team culture are listed below

·         Interpersonal ties within teams : It is the combination of the four factors which makes a tie a strong one.

o   Shared Time

o   Intensity of the relationship

o   Reciprocity of shared stories

o   Reciprocity of support

Simply spending a lot of time with someone is not enough to really foster a strong connection.

·         Team Culture : The culture of a team can greatly impact the effectiveness of the teams work and the strength of the ties between team members. Rather than talking about culture in terms of culture fit and if your teammates are people you want to be friends with. It is much more important to focus on culture as the values that a team shares and how those values are expressed in practice. Shared values when clearly communicated can be a strong binding force among team members. It is important that the teams values not be in conflict with either overall organizational or company wide values or with individual values of team members.

·         Team Cohesion : Team Cohesion is the degree to which individual members want to contribute to the groups ability to continue as a functioning work unit. A team with low cohesion tends to take on a “everything out for themselves” kind of mentality with team members acting out of self-interest rather than in the interests of the team as a whole.

·         Diversity : When thinking about our group memberships, we must make sure to consider the wide range of groups to which people can belong. Diversity is critical for innovation. The different ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints that come from different backgrounds are crucial part of developing new ideas. Diverse teams will be able to develop products that work for wider customer base due to their unique experiences.

·         Hiring Considerations : To create great teams, things should be carefully observed while making a choice of the team members. For example, keeping a lookout for obnoxious language (racist or sexist remarks) or figuring out unreasonable biases while hiring someone.

·         Maintaining an Inclusive Environment : For creating a great team, it is important that a environment is created where everyone feels comfortable and enjoys being part of that team. Initiatives  such as team building initiatives should be considered while building great teams.

·         Teams within Large Organizations : Teams in large organizations may have diverse cultures. It is important to consider these diverse cultures while building teams in large organizations

·         Finding Common Ground between Teams : how do we build trust, generate shared experiences and create more inclusive organizations with more in-groups. The main types of difficulties that can arise when trying to bridge the gaps between different teams include differences in objectives, measurement of success, differences in leadership and differences in communication styles. Despite all these differences, there are ways of finding commonalities between teams and groups such as

o   From Competition to Cooperation

o   Building Team Empathy

o   Improving Team Communication

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