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7.Scrum and PRINCE2

Scrum and PRINCE2 working together

By Amit Kulkarni
I was working for a large bank in Europe where Prince2 was already being followed. It was working alright for all waterfall projects as well as a DSDM projects (which were sort of waterfalled agile implementations!). Bank decided to later on work on Scrum and effectively implement Agile in the organization.
Following system worked well
Scrum and PRINCE2

Sprints were executed by vendors with a shared Scrum Master roles at offshore in India and a counterpart at onsite who was also shared across teams/projects. The Main Product Owner used to be at the customer site at Amsterdam. It was customary for the Product Owner to fly down to India and work from Mumbai atleast twice or thrice a year. There usually was another Product Owner (more like a Line Product Owner) at Mumbai who used to work with the Main (Chief) Product Owner at Amsterdam.

The Prince2 structure of Steering Committee continued which was more like a Scrum of Scrum of Scrum Meeting (more like a impediment solving meeting) once every 6 weeks. This was attended by the senior management of the Bank and Vendors. I was part of this meeting every 6 weeks in a face-to-face manner either at Amsterdam or at Mumbai.

The Stage Boundary meetings continued (Scrum of Scrums) with Scrum Masters from different teams taking part in the go-no-go at domain levels. Usually this meeting was conducted at customer premises at Amsterdam unless, the customer himself was at Mumbai.

There was a separate Scrum of Scrum meeting conducted weekly. This was a impediment solving meeting where the representatives of each domains participated to voice their impediments and solve them.

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