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Scrum Master as Change Agent

Scrum Master as Change Agent

They are the organization’s change agents.  Their primary role is to continuously create positive changes. 

They create positive change by:

  • Setting up, owning and upholding the process of Scrum

  • Ensuring that the process is followed by all

  • Identifying, escalating and having barriers broken (this doesn’t mean they necessarily do the breaking)

  • Teaching the process of Scrum to all parties

  • Working with Product Owners, managers and the development team (including architects, testers, etc.) to evolve the organization

  • Leading a team to increase their productivity (velocity)

  • Facilitate the roles within the organization to work efficiently, effectively and most importantly, together

  • Being enablers, problem solvers, and more

Sample Scrum Agile Video by Amit Kulkarni

Sample Training Video by Sateesh Kamat


Amit Kulkarni conducting Planning Poker Estimation Exercise


EPMC - Project Foundational Concepts by Sateesh Kamat