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What a Scrum Master Should Not Do

What a Scrum Master Should NOT do

  • Scrum Master should “NOT Manage the team”. The team will not be comfortable voicing their concerns or blocking issues to a Manager (who appraises them).

  • Scrum Master should “NOT Direct the team”. The team should be capable enough to direct its own effort. The Scrum Master does not assign tasks. The tasks are picked by the team members on their own.

  • The Scrum Master does “NOT drive the team”. The team needs to be self motivated to do whatever they are supposed to do.

  • The Scrum Master does “NOT make decisions on behalf of the team. The decisions are taken jointly by the team and it is upto the team to live by the decisions they have taken.

  • The Scrum Master does “NOT overrule the decisions made by the team”

  • The Scrum Master does “NOT direct product strategy”. The Product Strategy is the responsibility of the Product Owner.

Looking at the above points, now it will be clear why “A Manager” of team will not be a effective Scrum Master. Doing so will go against the principle of having a Self Managed Team.

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