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PRINCE2 Related Topics

PRINCE2® Certification

  • PRINCE2® is a globally recognized Project Management Standard developed by the Cabinet Office UK.
  • PRINCE2® is a acronym which stands for Projects in Controlled Environment
  • PRINCE2® is a standard way of organizing your team and execute the projects end to end. It is very different from PMP® and there is no overlap between PMP® and PRINCE2®.

Syllabus of PRINCE2®

  • 7 Principles. Principles are basic building blocks (the DNA) of PRINCE2® methodology.
  • 7 Themes. Themes are essentially knowledge areas where you will learn on various aspects such as Business Case, Organization Structures, Quality Methodology, Planning Methodology etc
  • 7 Processes. Processes are end to end way of executing things. The processes start with Starting up where you do the minimum necessary things, Initiation where you write detailed documentation and then the iterative way of executing and controlling things.
  • PRINCE2® believes in tailoring. Each of the theme and process should be tailored to suit the environment.
  • PRINCE2® integrates effectively with other methodologies such as PMP® Knowledge areas, Scrum Agile methodology or DSDM Agile methodology.
  • For details on PRINCE2® Examinations click here.

Sample PMP training video by Sateesh Kamat

Sateesh in EPMC PMP Training