How To Use this Online Course

Instructions on How To Use Project Management Professional (PMP)® Online Course


Before starting e-Learning Course, please enable Javascript on your browser.
Google Chrome
1. Click the Chrome menu icon on the browser toolbar.
2. Select Settings.
3. On the "Settings" page, click the Show advanced settings... link.
4. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings...
5. Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) in the "JavaScript" section.
6. Click Done.

Internet Explorer
1. Click the gear icon/Tools menu to the right of the Internet Explorer address bar.
2. Select Internet Options from the drop-down menu.
3. Next, select the Security tab at the top of the dialog box.
4. Then, select the earth (Internet) icon.
5. Then select the Custom Level button under the Security level for this zone section.
6. Locate the Scripting section within the list.
7. Under Active Scripting, select Enable, then hit OK.
8. Answer yes to the following confirmation box.
9. Hit OK to close the Internet Options window.
10. Finally, refresh your browser.

1. Open a new Firefox browser window or tab.
2. Copy the following then paste it into the Firefox address bar: about:config
3. Hit the Enter key.
4. On the following page, click the button: "I'll be careful, I promise!"
5. Find the javascript. enabled row under the Preference Name heading.
6. Double-click anywhere within the javascript. enabled row to toggle the value from "False" to
7. Finally, refresh your browser.

Instructions for using Online Course

1 Please go to site
2 Click on Log In menu.

3 Please login with the user id and password given in this email

1. Click on Subscriptions
2. You should see access to the courses you have subscribed to

3. Click on the course
4. You will get a list of all Lessons in this course that you need to study and complete


1. Each course consists of multiple LESSONS

2. Each LESSON consists of multiple TOPICS

3. Under Quiz option you will get questions

4. You need to complete EACH TOPIC, EACH LESSON and PASS EACH QUIZ to complete your course
After you complete your COURSE (i.e. you have a GREEN TICK mark against each Topic, Lesson and Quiz), you will be eligible for completion certificate.

Amit Kulkarni on Sprint Planning session

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Amit Kulkarni on Sprint Planning session


Sateesh in EPMC PMP Training