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Downloading MS Project 2013

How to Download Evaluation Version of Microsoft Project 2013

MS Project Related

URL to Download:


  1. Pls. refer to system requirement for installing MS Project listed on the download page

  2. You need to have windows live user id. ( If not pls. create one. Requires only 2 minutes to create)

Steps to Download:

Step 1: On clicking URL given above below download page will open

MS Project Download Screen

Step 2 : Click on “Get Started Now” button and you will be prompted to enter your windows live user id and password.

MS Project 2013 Signon

Step 3: Now you will be prompted to enter your profile details and other details. Pls. ensure that you enter version as ( 32 bit or 64 bit ) as per your system configuration.

Click on continue to proceed.

MS Project 2013 Download Click Ok

Step 4: On prompting language for download, pls. click “English” and click continue.

Step 5: You will be presented with evaluation product activation key and prompted to enter the path where the download file needs to be store. Please ensure that you note down the product key for future activation

MS Project 2013 Product Key

Step 6: Now your download will start as displayed below.

MS Project 2013 Download Screen

Step 7: After the download completes please run the application to install MS project 2013 evaluation version.

Microsoft Project Downloaded Installable
MS Project 2013 Extract Files
Microsoft Project Installation in progress