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Project Management Professional Related

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Related Topics

Why PMP®?

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® by Project Management Institute (PMI)® is an internationally renowned credential

  • There are more than 700,000 PMP® credential holders in the world. This shows the popularity of PMP®.

  • PMP® Professionals get 30% More Salary than not certified.  Source: the Salary Survey Data 2015 by PMI®

  • Triple your salaries by getting a job in US. See the Salary Survey Data 2015 by Project Management Institute (PMI)®

  • .Higher Chance of getting a L1-A visa as a PMP® professional

What is PMP® and How does it help you?

  • PMP® certification is a globally recognized Project Management Certification.
  • Show your commitment to the project management profession. 
  • Learn about the globally recognized best practices, tools and techniques
  • Recognize your knowledge, skills and abilities. Become more confident about the Project Management Job.
  • Give yourself an opportunity to get career opportunities and advancement in India or elsewhere.
  • Prepare you for greater job responsibilities and move up the value chain.
  • Build self confidence.  
  • Allow for greater recognition from peers.

How PMP® certification help organizations? Why Organizations respect PMP®?

  1. Organizations benefit by having a competent work force 
    • Understands Project Management Methodology which is standard in the world as it is based on "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management INC", which is a very popular project management standard
    • Work force understands the responsibilities better
    • Lesser training cost for the employers by employing a certified individual
    • Work force is more professional if they are PMP®  certified. They use best practices already used elsewhere in the world.
    • Other than the operational aspects of Project management, PMP® certified workforce also understands other aspects such as Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Stakeholder Management
  2. Your client has increased confidence because
    • Your team has excellent knowledge and skills that they can use for delivering projects effectively.
    • Your team uses best practices recognized in the industry and the practices those have made them successful.
  3. Helps Retain its employees

Sample Video of Scrum Agile Training by Amit Kulkarni

Amit Kulkarni on Sprint Planning session