Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam by Project Management Institute (PMI)® is an industry renowned certification. Below we have given steps to document your experience for taking this exam. This information is based on best of our knowledge as of July 2016. This is mentioned here  for easy reference. For latest information, please refer to the PMI® website (www.pmi.org)

 Documenting Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Experience

There are 3 components in your PMP® experience documentation

Component 1 : The Objective of the Project

While writing the objective, please remember to write only 1 sentence on the objective.
"To develop software for Interest Calculation project for Sanyukta Janata Sahakari Bank"
If name cannot be disclosed, don't worry, ignore it and you can write "For a Belgium Based Bank"

Component 2 : The Body of your Experience Documentation

The candidates should take note of the following points while documenting the experience

1. Perform their duties under general supervision and are responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of the project

2. Lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources

3. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience to appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined project requirements and deliverables.

Recommendation 1 : The project deliverables should be summarized by process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing). Please note that abbreviations are ACCEPTABLE (IN, PL, EX, MC, CL). You should write tasks apprpriately in each process group.
IN : I wrote a draft for charter for XYZ project and got it signed from the Vice President.
PL : I prepared a plan to test the saving bank interests calculations.
EX : I resolved conflict amongst cross functional end users such as bank employees, IT division and administration clerks.
MC : I monitored the schedule of each phases of the interest calculation project.
CL : I prepared a end-project-report after acceptance from customer and handed over the project to operations department.
Recommendation 2 : Use the "I" clause. Sample "I negotiated with another Project Manager to get Oracle Skills required by the team to solve the SQL Query impediment faced by the team" .
Recommendation 3 : Use PAST tense. Also avoid saying, "I was involved...." or "I was responsible for..."
Recommendation 4 : AVOID using the "we" clause. Sample of a incorrect statement "we solved a difficult issue......" .
Recommendation 5 : AVOID using the GENERIC sentences (definitions or Text book language). Example of an incorrect statement "I collected requirements from product team". The correct statement can be "I used the interview technique to collect the interest calculation options from Bank teller staff and the business analysts handing mortgages module"

Component 3 : The Outcome

End your experience with achievement.
Example "The project was closed successfully on budget but with 1 month delay"

 The 500 Character Limit in PMP® Experience Documentation

You must write short crisp sentences and express yourself in 500 characters per project.
If the project is too big (say 2 years), you may want to consider splitting the project into smaller projects.

The Overlapped Experience in PMP® Experience

In most real-life situation, the projects will always overalap as shown below
Overlapped Experience on PMI Experience Template
However it is also true, that you will never be working equally on all projects at the same time. Therefore when you write your start date and end dates of the project write the start date and end date of the project where you have spent the maximum amount of time during a given period. The above diagram can be represented as below while writing experience
PMI-ACP Overlapped Experience
Therefore for the above scenario, it is recommended to represent the experience as follows
Project 1 : Month 1 thru Month 4
Project 2 : Month 5 thru Month 6
Project 3 : Month 7 thru Month 9

The Name of the contact in PMP® Experience Documentation

Preferably, give the name of the reference from the same place that you are working from currently. Therefore, in case of an audit, you will find it easier to take the required signatures and submit the evidence to PMI®

Name of the Institute

We strongly advice you to mention the name of the university exactly as mentioned in your degree certificate. For Example if your institution name is V.J.Technical Institute then do not elaborate what the meaning of V and J is. Please write the name of the university exactly as mentioned on the Degree Certificate. Also write the name of the university as mentioned on the degree certificate.

Dates and Names of 35-Contact Hour/PDU Course

We advice you to document this part carefully. The name of the course and start dates are extremely important fields from your EPMC certificate. Please write exactly the same things that has been mentioned in EPMC certificate.

Sample Video of Scrum Agile Course

Amit Kulkarni on Sprint Planning session