4.Tips for Preparation

Tips for preparing for the  Project Management Professional (PMP)® Examination 

  • Read A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management INC at least 2 times.
  • While reading PMBOK®Guide second time, read it  process group wise 4th Chapter onwards, referring table on page 61. i.e. after 4.1 read 13.1. Questions are distributed process group wise.
  • While answering questions, if size of the project is not clear, assume it to be reasonably large. In large projects, processes come out distinctly.
  • While answering a question, if the project Manager's role is not made clear, then assume that the Project Manager is large and in charge!
  • While answering questions, identify at which phase (Initiating, Middle or near closing) the project in question is. This helps in deciding priorities. Look for tense of the sentences-- past, present and future.
  • There is no negative marking. So even when you mark a particular question for review (in spare time later), answer it as per your best guess. If you do not get time for review ,then this answer will be considered.
  • If question is verbose, read the last line again for clarity. Many times only that portion of question is relevant.
  • Look for words like, NEXT, EXCEPT, BEST, FIRST. Many times these words decide the choice.
  • There are 26 questions on Initiating Process Group. So study well, the only two processes in this group, 4.1 Develop Project Charter and 10.1 Identify stake Holders.
  • Always follow proper Process, do not give in to the customer, your boss or stake holders to do otherwise.
  • There are 16 questions on Closing Process Group. So study well, the only two processes in this group,4.6 close Project or phase and  12.4  Close Procurements.
  • Practice thoroughly one problem on drawing neatly  PND. Identify critical path and floats. There are 2-3 questions based on one PND and you can surely score on these.
  • Remember EVM formulas for CV,SV,CPI,SPI and TCPI. Remember three point Estimate formula and formula for Communication channels.After getting scratch papers, before starting actual Exam, write down these formula by Memory.
  • Be upfront and act directly however bitter or difficult it may be.Project Managers do not beat around the bush or gossip or communicate through third person.
  •  Don't get stuck up on one question for more than 3 minutes, guess best answer, mark for review and proceed.
  • Questions appear randomly! Don't get upset if you get 4-5 difficult questions in a row. Friendly questions will follow.
  • Learn elimination technique. Eliminate obviously wrong options. This way you reach faster towards correct answer.
  • Exam you will have few minutes at the beginning to go through tutorial. It is optional but YOU MUST Take it for familiarization purpose. You will get some more free time  before test .You can use it for writing formulas on scratch Papers.
  • Managing Anxiety in Exam. On Exam day, suggest to yourself that you are well prepared and you are a courageous person. Still if you get anxiety, do deep breathing , (Pranayam) for a minute, dust yourself off and start all over again.
  • Take good sleep on the last night before Exam. Do not over-study.
  • It is a good idea to visit Exam Center one day before. You can estimate time required to travel. You should reach the exam hall cool and comfortable.
  • There are 16 questions on Closing Process Group. There are only two processes in this process group.(i)4.6Close Project or Phase (ii)12.4 Close Procurement.
  • EPMC Question Bank .Attempt all questions of one chapter without referring to answers. Then check your answers and understand well where you missed the answer.

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