Introduction to DevOps

DevOps is a new term that primarily focuses on improved collaboration, communication, and integration between software developers and IT operations. It’s an umbrella term that some describe as a philosophy, cultural change, and paradigm shift.

As per Wikepidia definition : "DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software, can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.”

DevOps and Agile

Agile and DevOps go hand in hand. Agile Development focuses on Business Agility by Dev Team collaborating with Business and creating Potentially Shippable increments of the Product. DevOps is aimed at collaboration between the Development Team and the Operations team to produce working production increments.


About DevOps Training

Learn from Amit Kulkarni on the details of DevOps, Agile and how DevOps and Agile go hand in hand.
  • Standard syllabus which will introduce you to the basics of DevOps
  • Understand the context of ITIL, LEAN and AGILE with DevOps
  • Delegates have option to appear for Certification Examination at extra cost.
  • Amit will simulate the entire toolchain including a Maven, Apache, Jenkins, SVN and Continuously Deployed website using Jenkin scripts. The objective would be to do a small case study and understand the end-to-end context rather than just theory.

DevOps Student Feedback

Feedback from Mumbai January Batch

Amit Kulkarni, Agile-Scrum Faculty for EPMC (Mumbai and Pune)
Amit Kulkarni, CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP
20+ years of experience. Agile Coach and expert on Scrum.

DevOps Class Overview

Lego Toys game - DevOps Workshop at Mumbai

Lego Toys Game - Continuous Integration

DevOps Lego Toys Game on Continuous Integration

Amit Kulkarni conducting Planning Poker Estimation Exercise

Topics Covered in the 2 Day comprehensive workshop on DevOps (8:30AM to 6:30PM both days)

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