Sagar Daddikar, PMP Says

posted 3 Nov 2015, 21:54 by EPMC Admin   [ updated 3 Nov 2015, 22:06 ]
Regarding the exam preparation, I think 4 points were critical:
  1. The 35 PDU session with Sir in Thane in Dec 2013 which gave a really good grasp of PMP concepts and introduced a synergy among all the knowledge areas.
  2. Reading the PMBOK 5 atleast 4 times. First a general read thru, second a focused reading of the book, third a reading process group wise and 4th again a focused reading.
  3. Mock tests conducted by EPMC. This was especially important as I used the tests to simulate the exact environment in the prometric center. I took the tests at 1330 CET every time and with headphones, in a cubicle.
  4. Getting a good grasp of the ITTO thru the mind maps and PMBOK. This came in handy in the exam as many questions (surprisingly) asked about the ITTOs in a process.

In terms of preparation, I spent 2 hours every day for 2 months in a focused time table. I used to study 1 hour each in the morning and evening and revise on the weekends.