PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® free questions will be added regularly to this page

Last addition 13-March-2016

Question 1 : There is a lot of deliberation going on for a project. Finally the Sponsor agrees for funding a project. He formally authorizes the team to start working on the project using a document. Which document are we talking about here? 
A) A Product Backlog 
B) A Roadmap 
C) A Charter 
D) A Vision

Question 2 : Organization is new to Agile. The Vice president has hired a Agile Coach to guide the organization thru the transition journey. The organization  is used to the traditional leadership style. The coach tells the Vice President about a new leadership style and that is Servant Leadership. What among the following is not the characteristic that is applicable to the Servant Leadership Style? 
A) Listening  
B) Foresight  
C) Healing  
D) Happiness

Question 3 : There is a team of 8 people working on a Website project. They plan to conduct their first retrospective. However none of them is a expert facilitator so they request another expert facilitator to help them with the facilitation. Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the Facilitator? 
A) Create the agenda  
B) Begin planning the next project  
C) Observe the team  
D) Ask questions of the team members

Question 1) Correct Answer B : Charter formally brings the project into existence.
Question 2) Correct Answer D: Happiness is not a characteristic of servant leadership while the other 3 listed are characteristics of servant leadership.
Question 3) Correct Answer B: The goal of the retrospective facilitator is to look back at the project to assess its successes and challenges. It is his role to create an agenda, solicit feedback, and encourage open dialogue between the team members.