About ITIL® Qualification and Examination

ITIL® Foundation Qualification

The ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT service Management is targeted at Individuals who require a basic understanding of the ITIL® framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization.

IT professionals who are working within an organization that practices ITIL® and who need to be informed about - and contribute to - service improvement.

The purpose of the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the ITIL® terminology, structure and basic concepts and has comprehended the core principles of ITIL® practices for service management.

Syllabus of ITIL® Foundation

  • Service management as a practice (Comprehension) - Define service and comprehend and explain the concept of service management as a practice.
  • Service lifecycle (Comprehension) - Understand the service lifecycle and explain the objectives and business value for each phase in the lifecycle.
  • Key principles and models (Comprehension) - Comprehend and account for the key principles and models of service management and ‘the balance’ of some opposing forces within service management.
  • Generic concepts (Awareness) - Define some of the key terminology and explain the key concepts of service management.
  • Selected processes (Awareness) - Understand how the service management processes contribute to the service lifecycle, explain the high level objectives, scope, basic concepts, activities, key metrics (KPI’s), roles and challenges for five of the core processes and state the objectives, some of the basic concepts and roles for fifteen of the remaining processes.
  • Selected roles (Awareness) - Account for the role and to be aware of the responsibilities of some of the key roles in service management and recognize a number of the remaining roles described in other learning units.
  • Selected functions (Awareness) - Explain the role, objectives, organizational structures, staffing and metrics of the Service Desk function and state the role, objectives and overlap of three other functions.
  • Technology and architecture (Awareness) - List some generic requirements for an integrated set of service management technology, and understand how service automation assists with integrating service management processes.
  • ITIL® qualification scheme (Awareness) - Understand ITIL® Qualification Scheme and understand the different certifications in the ITIL® scheme.

ITIL® Foundation Examination

ITIL® Foundation Exam structure is as follows:
    • Multiple Choice
    • 40 Questions
    • 60 Minutes
    • 65% needed to Pass ( 26 out of 40 )