Lean Six Sigma Certifications Options
Yellow Belt

When an organization decides to implement Lean Six Sigma company-wide, very often large groups of employees will be trained at the level of Yellow Belt to create a strong basis. The organisation's vision and strategy related to process improvements will form the basis for this training.Second the Lean Six Sigma methodology and some of the tools will be taught.The type of tools will depend on the improvement programme. This is called 'Fit For Purpose' training. Yellow belts are experienced with the processes in daily practice and are therefore the ideal leaders of Kaizen projects or valuable team members in Green or Black Belt projects. Activities can be collecting data, contribute to the development of standards or participate in brainstorm sessions.

Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are specialists in executing Lean Six Sigma projects. With the right combination of specialists expertise, statistical analysis and structured Lean Six Sigma methodology, the Green Belt is able to achieve significant improvements in performance and quality. The impact on the organisation and savings can be as large as a Black Belt project, but in general Green Belt projects have a smaller scope and are less complex than Black Belt projects. The scope of the project id often within one department, process or expertise rather than across departments. Green Belts might work alone or as a project leader in a team. team members can be other Belts or employees without Lean Six Sigma competences. Green Belts can also be team members in larger Black Belt projects.

The Yellow Belt assessment criteria:
  • The theoretical exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions.
  • The pass mark for this exam is set at 50% (25 marks or more required to pass).
  • The duration of the exam is 40 minutes.
  • This is a closed book exam.
  • A calculator is not allowed.
  • You must be able to identify yourself with photographic ID.
  • A practical assessment is not part of the Yellow Belt exam.

Difference in Yellow Belt and Green Belt
Yellow Belt Green Belt
Yellow belt only gives you basic knowledge about six sigma. Green belt helps you to learn how to implement six sigma for process improvement.
Participates as a project team member. Reviews process improvements that support the project. Assists with data collection and analysis for Black Belt projects. Leads Green Belt projects or teams.