What is the eligibility criteria?
There is no eligibility criteria. Anyone can appear.

What is the nature of YELLOW BELT Exam?
  • This is an objective exam.
  • 50 questions.
  • Passing marks - 50%
  • 40 minutes to answer the questions.
  • This is a closed book exam.
  • No mathematics
  • Simple multiple choice. No negative marking.

If I do this certification does it help me in getting a job?
  • Valued by industry
  • Six Sigma and Lean are famous techniques used by great companies like GE, Toyota, Motorola, Mitsubishi.
  • For Most great organizations, Six Sigma is basic. Therefore it will help you to position yourself for the job if you have a certification.
  • Everyone in senior management knows Six Sigma
  • Large companies have Six Sigma as basic criteria for choosing candidates

I am a PMP – How does it help me?
PMP was more generic and focussed on 10 knowledge areas. Six Sigma and Lean is specialized on two topics – Elimination of Wastage and Quality Techniques. PMP was overall focus, so you have brushed upon some of the concepts during PMP in the Quality Chapter (e.g. Design of Experiment, Statistical Sampling, Control Charts, Histograms, Scatter charts). Six Sigma and LEAN will go into a lot of details. So its the next level basically.

I am a PRINCE2 – How does it help?
PRINCE2 was a overall end-to-end framework of doing projects. The execution was kept out of scope of PRINCE2. In Six Sigma and Lean, you focus on execution on solving 2 business problems – Elimination of wastage and Improving Quality. Six Sigma and Lean projects fit into the “MANAGING PRODUCT DELIVERY” sub process in PRINCE2

I am PMI-ACP – How does it help me?
Agile has a lot of focus on Quality. Infact Agile says that you have to have technical excellence. Six Sigma and Lean is all about technical and process excellence. You use the Lean and Six Sigma techniques during Sprints to achieve quality

I am PMP/PMI-ACP. How many PDUs will I get?
Our course is registered with PMI. You will get 18 PDUs for this course.

Why you don't offer GREEN BELT?
Yellow Belt is sufficient. Yellow Belt covers the entire syllabus. Just that Statistics part is kept out of Yello Belt. This is a “fit-for-use” training and exam. The assumption is that you will learn statistics when you need and not do it upfront. If you want to appear for Green Belt then we will tell you a study plan. Once you are ready, please let us know and we will facilitate the exam for Green Belt. Green Belt exam is difficult so you have to prepare. Also Green Belt has lot of Statistics and Mathematics. Our faculty advice that you give Green Belt only if you want to do career in Quality. Else Yellow Belt is sufficient.

What is IASSC and ASQ?
These are 2 other institutes who give certifications on Six Sigma. Whenever you are ready, tell us, we will facilitate the exams of IASSC and ASQ Green Belt for you. However the exams are difficult and you have to prepare. The exams are also expensive.

What is the nature of GREEN BELT (IASSC) Exam?
This is an objective exam.
  • 3 hours 100 marks
  • Closed Book Exam
  • $295
  • 385/500 to pass the exam (77%)
  • Lots of statistics and mathematics
  • Prerequisites : Those sitting for the exam have some degree of real-world Lean Six Sigma work experience and project application experience.

What is the nature of GREEN BELT (ASQ) Exam?
This is an objective exam.
  • Prerequisite : Has at least three years of work experience
  • $359
  • 4 hours 100 questions
  • 550/750 (73%)

Why should I do the course with EPMC?
  • We provide certificate from APMG included. 
  • Faculty is Mr. Amit Kulkarni
  • Guidance on passing green belt is provided. Also we will help you with exam logistics.

How much do I pay for IASSC and ASQ exams?


Yellow Belt

Green Belt


















Amit Kulkarni  
SAFE Agilist,
Lean Six Sigma

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