Difference between PMP® and PRINCE2®

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam and PRINCE2® are completely different approaches to looking at Project Management
  • They are both complementary to each other and there is NO OVERLAP
  • EPMC recommends that a leader needs to undergo PMP® credential as well as PRINCE2® credential to become a complete Project Manager
                            PMP® Credential                             PRINCE2® Credentials
  • PMP® credential is bottom-up focus
  • PRINCE2® is top-down focus
  • PMP® exam focuses on Project Manager mainly and his role and responsibility
  • PRINCE2® believes that it is not just the Project Manager who is responsible for a project success.
  • Other entities such as Vendors, Executives, Business analysts, Client Partners, Supplier Teams are also covered in detail
  • PMP® credential is Tools and Techniques focused
  • You will learn approximately 300 tools and techniques
  • PRINCE2® is a end-to-end project management methodology
  • You will learn a end to end methodology
  • PMP® certification answers the questions “How do you do things”
  • PRINCE2® answers the question “What and when to do things”
  • PMP® certification deals with tools and techniques. No recommendations on the document formats
  • Covers Document formats and recommendations on how to write various documents practically
  • PMP® certificate recognizes PRINCE2®. One who attends PRINCE2® course is awarded 36 contact hours towards maintaining PMP® credential
  • PRINCE2® recognizes PMP®. Anyone who is PMP® certified is exempted from appearing for PRINCE2® foundation examination
  • PMP® examination is conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI)®
  • PRINCE2® is by Cabinet Office, UK
  • The tools and techniques are known worldwide
  • PRINCE2® methodology is used widely in Europe, UK and common wealth countries. The methodology is generic and used with different usage of terms and terminologies in USA and other countries
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