Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam by Project Management Institute (PMI)® is an industry renowned certification. To pass this exam, it takes considerable effort and a complete understanding of "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management INC". Our question bank is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide and the questions are designed to help you assess your preparation level. Below we have given a few sample questions from our question bank.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Free Questions

Question 1 : You are working for an internationally reputed steel making company as a machine design engineer. The engineering drawings are complicated and take up a lot of time. You are planning to implement a software application for reducing the time taken for generating engineering drawings. For that software implementation you need people from IT department, machine design and production departments. Most likely tool you will use for getting required resources on your project is:  
A) Acquisition
B) Arbitration
C) Negotiation
D) Pre-Assignment

Question 2 : You are managing a project to install machines to improve production. You are very excited to take this responsibility. You have already identified important people who matter for your project. Further, you are planning to conduct a workshop with production, stores and warehouse heads to gather relevant information from them. You also are conscious that the discussion may get hijacked and hence arrange to have the IT Vice President lead the discussion. Which requirement technique you are planning to use?
A) Delphi
B) Focus Group
C) Interviews
D) Facilitated Workshops

Question 3 : You are working on how you will improve a senior stakeholder's engagement in your project. You are aware that he is a resistant stakeholder. You have just realized that involving him in scope and schedule planning as well as interacting with other senior stakeholders will help improving his engagement in the project. This will result into:
A) Project Baseline Update
B) Project Management Plan Update
C) Issue Log
D) Change Log Update


Question 1) Correct Answer C : Negotiation Negotiation for your project team members will occur in several ways. First, you will need to negotiate with functional managers to get the staff you want, when you want them. Your ability to negotiate in the circumstances reflects the power and authority that you have. If you are working in a weak matrix environment, you will have little power and authority, and the allocation of project team members to your project will be at the discretion of the functional manager. However, if you are working in a strong matrix organization, you will have the power and authority to get the project team members you need, when you need them. Staff assignments are negotiated on many projects.  

Question 2) Correct Answer D : Facilitated Workshops . These workshops help the project team to solve cross functional disputes quickly and in a collaborative way. (Ref: EPMC Experts))

Question 3) Correct Answer B : Project Management Plan Update (You have just realized that involving him in scope and schedule planning as well as interacting with other senior stakeholders will help improving his engagement in the project." To take these actions, you will need to update your scope management, schedule management and communication management plans. This will result in Project Management Plan Updates.-- EPMC Experts)

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