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PMP® feedbacks from year 2011

posted 28 Sep 2015, 22:51 by EPMC Admin   [ updated 6 Jul 2016, 04:20 by Vaijayantee Kamat ]

Read feedback from our students who passed Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam by Project Management Institute (PMI)® in 2015

Read what they say about our trainers and their experience on teaching: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management INC

Amit Gambhir, PMP Says
Hi Vaijayantee,
I passed the 
PMP®exam in first attempt just because of EPMC. I read PMBOK® Guide Edition 4twice but was not really able to integrate all the process as required and I failed EMPC simulation second test just 3 days before my exam. But the support I got from My trainer on 11th hour made me pass PMP® in first attempt. EPMC mind-maps which I studied on last two days were like magic stick for me. They made me think in line with PMI® expectation and help me recollect all the processes Input/Output/T&T and their usage.
As suggested by Ms. Vaijayantee I read all mindmaps understanding the relation between the processes and just solved quality questions provided by EPMC. Believe me the 
PMP® exam was tough but EMPC made it easy for me with their teaching technique and support.
Rgds and Thanks
Amit Gambhir

Satish Manta,PMP says
Dear Sir, Ma'am,
I cleared 
PMP® certification exam on 25th August 2011” - in my first attempt. Thank you for the training and ongoing support provided.
With EffectivePMC, it’s not the usual “TATA BYE Good Luck” kind of thing once the course comes to end.
Sateesh Sir and Vaijayantee Madam are always in touch with you helping out with our queries and providing guidance throughout as and when required.
I was amazed and surprised when I received an email from EffectivePMC asking my current status on preparation.
It really takes strong dedication and determination which these guys have and won’t hesitate to give a little push in case you seemed to go off track from the certification path
I highly recommend it to anyone looking to earn the coveted 
PMP® certification.
Finally I would like to thank you both for your guidance
Satish Manta

Sandeep Korgaonkar, PMP Says
I would like to thank EPMC for helping me in PMP®, I know all PMP® aspirants have project management experience and the theoretical knowledge on Project Management Methodologies, However at EPMC I learnt, how to relate the Knowledge to the Experience, and that really helped me a lot to crack PMP in very short time, Thanks again to EPMC and Sateesh especially.
I am and would surely recommend the EPMC PMP training course to all my colleagues and potential candidates

Venkatasubramani P PMP says
I passed the PMP® exam in first attempt.
Your practice questions are tough, but absolutely perfect for the preparation for this very tough exam. Such incredible detail really helps in assessing some of the very tough questions that were presented on the exam. I highly recommend your program.
Some of your tips were really very useful. Especially positioning yourself in the question and tip how to read PMBOK®Guide 4th edition the 2nd time.

Rajesh Waghulde, PMP says
I would like to thank you EPMC team for providing this service to PMP® aspirants.
You are providing very quality questions based on PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition. Because of your questions I understood that PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition. is the key which kept me focused on it. Explanations of answers are very well documented.
I had gone through EPMC questions twice before the Exam. This proved to be fruitful as your questions are close to real one and based on PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition..
Thanks again for your help and will recommend EPMC to my friends and PMP aspirants.I would like to thank you EPMC team for providing this service to PMP® aspirants.

Sushant Joshi, PMP says
I have cleared the PMP® exam on 30th June 2011. It was possible because of the perfect guidance provided by you.
I had attended the EPMC training in Feb 2011 where you provided us with the perfect methodologies for clearing this exam in 1st attempt. The notes and tests provided by you helped me in a very big way to understand the subject matter and also helped in judging my preparation.
The 42 mind maps served as a great helping tool since I was unable to mug up the inputs/outputs and techniques.
I have recommended a lot of people to attend a training from EPMC and would continue doing so in future.
Thank you once again for all the guidance!!

Sachin Shetty PMP, says
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have cleared my PMP® exam yesterday. It would not have been possible without your support.
To start with, the training by Satish Sir was excellent. Vaijayantee Madam dedicated time for me after the training was over to resolve my issues.
The training material was excellent, the mock tests really helped me to be mentally tough.
I will be recommending EPMC to any of my friends/colleagues who would like to take up PMP.
Thanks once again
Sachin Shetty

Madhuri Wattamwar, PMP says
It was great experience during PMP training at Effective Project Management Consultancy. I was able to grasp and relate things in PMPBOK during my studies with examples provided during training. Also, mind maps helped me to read and preserve my thoughts for last minute revision. First mock test helped me to streamline my studies and concentrate on weak areas. Special thanks to both Sateesh sir & Vaijayantee madam for reminding me regularly through email and be on track for studies

Geeta Mathews, PMP says
Dear Sir, Ma'am,
I cleared PMP® certification exam y'day - in my first attempt. Thank you for the training and ongoing support provided. I especially liked that you stressed on the EVM calculations during training, cos there were a lot of questions on that. The mock tests helped a lot- sitting for 4 hours at a stretch needs practice! More importantly, choosing between fine variations in the options, prepared me to pay close attention to the wording and read the PMBOK® Guide 4’th Edition more carefully.
Thanks and regards,
Geeta Mathew

Sagar Patil, PMP says
KEY highlights of EPMC training/guidance as follows:
Extensive training with practical examples. I liked Sateesh’s approach giving construction industry examples. During exam I found many situational questions related to construction industry. Helped me to analyze situation. Continuous follow up from preparing study plan to taking exam date.
I have not taken EPMC mock test but I went through all daily questions from june 10 to till date, in 4 hours spans without checking ans and checked ans for wrong ones.
Study material which includes question at each of each process groups are very concise.
Best wishes to EPMC and thanks for helping me to get tag of “PMP Certified Professional”.

Pratiksha Kamble, PMP Says
I found that going through simulation tests by EPMC helped me a lot in preparing for the PMP®. Reading PMBOK® Guide 4'th edition for minimum 2 times and following the instructions by EPMC was great advantages.As it is always said for PMP®, memorizing does not help. We need to understand the concepts. EMPC question set goes in more detailing, which is good for understanding the concepts. After test I understood my weak areas and planned my study accordingly. And last but not the least I was happy to know at the last moment that we have inbuild calcuator during exam to use, so just memorize the formulas :-). During this phase, I found Vaijayantee very helpful and attentive. Thanks for all your support.
Wishing EPMC and all those who aspire to pass  
PMP®   examination: best of luck.

Abhijat Kumar, PMP says
various other PMP® prep centres but what I firmly believe, none can match with EPMC. EPMC faculties (Vaijayantee madam and Sateesh sir) deliver us a great combination of constant guidance, strategic study approach and great quality training program. I really admire Vaijayantee madam's approach of passing PMP® Certification by only focusing on PMBOK® Guide along with EPMC study materials. I personally know many PMs aspiring for PMP certificate get easily distracted by myth of studying from multiple books and various exam tutorials. The fact lies that exam questions (~95%) are fully centric to PMBOK® Guide. I would also mention that please never skip to study "PMI code of ethics- Professional and Social responsibilities". These are easy mark fetching question.