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PMP® feedbacks from year 2015

posted 18 Nov 2015, 22:16 by EPMC Admin   [ updated 6 Jul 2016, 04:09 by Vaijayantee Kamat ]

Read feedback from our students who passed Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam by Project Management Institute (PMI)® in 2015

Read what they say about our trainers and their experience on teaching: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management INC

Kiran Mishra, PMP Says
The bootcamp was the real turning point where real life examples were given to compare the PMP® concepts for better understanding.
Just reading/practicing won't help in passing 
PMP® exam without this simple visualization technique.The mock tests were exactly like real time exam and by the time I took the exam I was aware of what to expect and had the mental stamina to take this 4 hour test,again thanks to EPMC!!!.

Rohan Thombare, PMP Says
I am glad to inform you that , I have cleared my PMP® Exam on 14thDEC15 . I am really thankful for your support and guidelines and especially the gaps which you have identified in my two MOCK test has really helped me to improve and focus on key areas which was lagging.
The entire course material ( Video's & EPMC notes ) are excellent and really talks on KEY NOTES. The coverage of MOCK exams is simply awesome as it will tell you where you stand and explanation of each questions are in detailed which helps in improving the gaps.
I would also like to thank Milind Goshalia who have scheduled the MOCK test in short notices.
Once again thanks a lot for your guidance & support.

Ajinkya Dighe, PMP Says
I was introduced to EPMC by a colleague who had attended the coaching. The training imparted by Vaijantee Madam, is truly insightful. I had read the PMBOK® Guide before attending the training but the real-life experiences and practical examples shared by Madam helped in fully grasping the concepts.
During the exam preparations, the mind-maps and notes developed by them were extremely useful for review. The mock tests helpd me gauge my preparation level and the feedback and discussion with Madam, helped with prepare for the exam. I could depend on them throughout the preparation period.

Sandesh Pawar, PMP Says
I am from construction back ground. I always thought that PMP® was only for IT sector. However, during my first inquiry meet with Vaijayantee Mam & Sateesh sir I learnt the benefits of PMP®. A target which seemed highly daunting was set to achieve the PMP® certification. All credits to EPMC to help achieve my objective of becoming PMP®. The entire program is well designed to help the students understand the concept & provide assistance till achieving the certification. The stimulation exams and the post exam analysis was an eye opener to help us overcomes our gaps. In addition to above, Vaijayatee Mams guidance which was always available whenever needed.
Thanks again for the all the support and guidance and mentoring me to achieve 
PMP® certification which seemed highly impossible particularly after 7 years since I last opened a book for studying.

Dinesh Shenvi, PMP Says
Finally completed my PMP® certification today. It's like a dream come true. I would like to thank the entire team of EPMC for their constant guidance and support during this period. Their methodological approach, helped me to grasp the concepts very quickly.High standard EPMC mock test (Level of difficult is much above actual PMP® exam) and detailed analysis provided by EPMC , helped me to focus on my weaknesses and improve on my gaps. My special Thanks to Amit Sir and Vaijayantee Mam for mentoring and supporting me to reach my FINAL GOAL.

Sagar Daddikar, PMP Says
Regarding the exam preparation, I think 4 points were critical:

  1. The 35 PDU session with Sir in Thane in Dec 2013 which gave a really good grasp of PMP® concepts and introduced a synergy among all the knowledge areas.
  2. Reading the PMBOK® Guide 5 atleast 4 times. First a general read thru, second a focused reading of the book, third a reading process group wise and 4th again a focused reading.
  3. Mock tests conducted by EPMC. This was especially important as I used the tests to simulate the exact environment in the prometric center. I took the tests at 1330 CET every time and with headphones, in a cubicle.
  4. Getting a good grasp of the ITTO thru the mind maps and PMBOK® Guide. This came in handy in the exam as many questions (surprisingly) asked about the ITTOs in a process.
In terms of preparation, I spent 2 hours every day for 2 months in a focused time table. I used to study 1 hour each in the morning and evening and revise on the weekends.

Vinod Khatri, PMP Says
EPMC is a very professionally managed institute, they not only kept their word but also delighted me with a professional service.
PMP® contact hours training by Sateesh Sir, helped me to strengthen my Project Management knowledge with examples & situations across the industries that I have worked and helped me to align those experience within PMBOK® Guide framework. EPMC has a focus that in not only exam centric but also helped me to understand some of the Project Management concepts and will apply them in my real life projects.
The Mock tests after the training are very effective tool offered by EPMC. Mock tests helped me to understand how prepared I was, my area of strengths and weakness, my endurance limits and a simulation of real exam. The quality of mock test is very good and analysis of results by Vaijayantee mam helped me focus on my weakness and prepare well for actual exam. Also the mind maps are great tools that helped me to consolidated the vast information for quick reference and recollection of it during exam.
I’m thankful to Mr. Sateesh Kamat, Mrs. Vaijayantee Kamat & entire EPMC team for their help and support.
I would recommend EPMC to all the 
PMP® aspirants, Join EPMC to cherish the wonderful experience and success.

Rajarajan, PMP Says
Before taking Simulation Examinations from EPMC,, I had attend my PMP® on March 23 which was not successful. On my self-analysis i found that the quality of mock test/ sample questions i used for my preparation was very bad. It didn’t gave me any insight into the real exam scenario.
I found effectivepmc in my Google search where I thought of purchasing all mocktest for my second attempt preparation. I did not have any idea about the quality level of the mocktest.
20 days before my 
PMP® exam I attend first mock-test and I failed, if I remember well the level/ quality of questions are one level above the real PMP®. I received detailed analysis showing my weakness and strength areas, It really motivated me more and gave insight into the level of preparation I needed to crack the real PMP exam.I reviewed each and every wrong questions thoroughly and noted my area of weakness and concentrated more on those grey areas. My second test was successful however my 3rd and 4th exam were not successful, with just 4 more days to left for my PMP® I had my 5th test pending. Discussed with Vaijayantee madam regarding my 5th test she advised me to attend my 5th test just a day before my PMP® exam, I did the same with pass on mocktest and got mammoth confidence to attend real PMP® exam.
Next day I went and attend my 
PMP® exam and delighted to see the message ‘Congratulations’ at end of my exam.
Things I found great about effectivepmc :

  1. Level/ quality of questions in Mocktest was great and I bet it may be the best to compare with any other mocktest in net
  2. The analysis at the end of every mocktest was micro level, it helps me a lot to find the gaps and weakness.
  3. Vaijayantee madam was my contact point and It was delightful expericene to discuss the topics with her. She was too polite, professional person with lot of patience
  4. Effectivepmc not like others just to take money give something, they really really work on detail and concern about the person to get pass in PMP
  5. All the staaf is very co-operative and through professional, I was pleased every time when I spoke with them for any reason
  6. The price was very affordable compared to any other PMP® institutions.
Note : Once last advice , please attend their mocktest and get their guidance before paying/ booking your PMP®.

Bunty Khatija, PMP Says
I am addressing all here at EPMC to thank you for your constant help in enabling me to achieve my goal.
EPMC is a very professionally managed institute which helped me in every possible way to clear 
PMP® exam. The kind of support i received from the staff and teachers is amazing and worth appreciating.
It is because of the confidence teachers showed in me, today i am a successful Project Management Professional. I feel the key reasons for success at EPMC are:

  1. Well qualified and experience teachers
  2. The way trainings are conducted
  3. Very kind and supportive staff
  4. and very important Mock exams
I thank you once again from bottom of my heart for helping me to earn this success.

Kunal Ambavane, PMP Says
The key contributors in my success of accomplishing PMP® certification is the training by Sateesh Sir and the EPMC Mock tests followed by detailed assessment by Vaijayantee madam.
The method of teaching and the real life examples presented by Sateesh Sir helped for detailed understanding of each topic and co-relating the concepts with everyday work. The target which looked difficult initially felt achievable after going through the series of EPMC mock tests. Also the analysis provided by Vaijayantee madam helped to focus on weak areas and sharpen the concepts.
Thank you Sateesh Sir, Vaijayantee madam & entire EPMC team for helping me in achieving the milestone.

Joydip Banerjee, PMP Says
I wanted to inform you that I have cleared my PMP® exam taken on 25 July PBT in Pune. This has only been possible because of the continuous guidance from the Ashok sir and the mock tests taken by me. The analysis of mock test results given by Vaijayantee mam helped me focus on my weakness and build upon my strengths. This is reflected in my result of passing PMP® in one go. Thanks Ashok sir and Vaijayantee mam.
Thanks EPMC for helping me achieving my goal and build my career.

Priti Phatale, Prince2 Practitioner Says
I have done my PRINCE2 Practitioner from EPMC .They are extremely professional with their methods and approach. The study material is extremely thoughtfully devised. The punctuality, courtesy and mannerism of the facilitators is worth mentioning. Thanks to EPMC for helping me clear the exam.
Ashok sir was extremely passionate about teaching PRINCE2 .He took extra efforts to make every person understand the concepts as much as he did. The 4day training felt effortless just coz he has a good balanced approach. I am extremely grateful to him for helping me clear the exam with flying colors.

Hemant Angane, PMP Says
I would personally like to thank Sateesh sir for his effective classroom session which I had attended earlier. It really helped me a lot while preparing for the examination. Also the mind maps & the practice test helped me to strengthen my Project Management concepts.
Thank you once again for all your assistance.

Ganesh Purandare, PMP Says
I’m grateful to both of our trainers, Mr. Sateesh Kamat and Mrs. Vaijayantee Kamat for inculcating all the necessary knowledge regarding PMP®!
Right after completion of the 35 Contact Hours Course, I initiated my credentials for experience through the template provided by EPMC and go it scrutinized as well, which gave me more confidence to go ahead.
Studying after 12 odd years was a tall task and with added constraints from work and personal commitments it becomes all the more difficult. However, I was determined to obtain the 
PMP® Certification which motivated me to spare time for studying and I made it a point to book my examination appointment, by this I was all the more dedicated to my studies. I solved all the questions from EPMC book thrice! Just to make my concepts clearer and in addition to this I solved over 1200 questions available on PMI® website. I appeared for my mock test which gave me an idea about my potentially stronger and weaker knowledge areas. The mock test result analysis made it clear on which area I need to focus more and I did!
My advise to new aspirants will be to study 
PMBOK® Guide thoroughly may be up to 80%, the EPMC notes should be read even more thoroughly may be up to 95% and what you should 100% do is to recall is the guidance and examples stated during 35 Contact Hours Course by Mr. Sateesh Kamat – those examples are so live and will make your studies easy that you can relate to all knowledge areas more promptly.
All the very best!
I once again sincerely thank Mr. Sateesh Kamat and Mrs. Vaijayantee Kamat and the entire EPMC team for all the necessary support provided for the triumph.

Syamantak Kshirsagar, PMP Says
Thanks for the support received from EPMC. The training was really helpful with real life examples that helped me to correlate the contents of PMBOK® Guide with real life scenarios. The training not only helped me to secure the the PMP® credential, but also to implement the concept in real life.
I also appreciate your continued support, initiatives like a question a day & the mock tests. The mock test helped me to assess my preparation & plan the last minute preparation accordingly.
Last but not the least, the notes provided by EPMC were really helpful. The notes were savior in last moment preparation. All the key information from 
PMBOK® Guide is covered in notes & helped me to refresh the PMBOK® Guide.
Thanks again for your support!

Neha Surange, Participant Of our PMP Training Says
Dear Sateesh Sir,
Recently, I have attended 
PMP® training at Thane and I have successfully completed it for the same I would like to thank you for delivering such a great experience.The short examples you told us at the time of our sessions really helped us to connect to real time situations effectively.
Thanks again to you and entire EPMC team for providing us such a valuable experience.
All the best EPMC for all your future endeavors.
Thanks & Regards
Ms. Neha Surange

Veerendra Nagalla PMP, Says
I have attended four day training session. All the sessions are so meticulously planned.
Highlights of training, every session explained with appropriate real life scenarios that made it easy to correlate and understand the things from the point of view of 
PMBOK® Guide. Detailed analysis of Mock Tests helped in strengthening my weak areas. The trainers were available throughout my preparation.
I would suggest EPMC for all PMP aspirants. I would individually thank all EPMC staff and my special thanks to Sateesh sir and Vaijayantee ma'am.

Niranjan Chitre, Participant Of our PMP Training Says
I attended the recent PMP training conducted in Satkar hotel at thane .I was in the 2nd batch of February 2014.
I will say that it was a pleasure being taught by you , the training imparted by you was great and the example you gave us were so relative that actually i was imagining the same as it had happened some days back.Your speech inspired us to be more than what we are right now.
I felt interesting when you were explaining us the different subject....
PMBOK® Guide may be boring but your speech has encouraged us and changed our way we look at project management.I feel really excited now.
I shall surely be in touch with you for your guidance.
Thank you,
Niranjan Chitre