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PMP® Feedbacks from Year 2017

Swagata Vijayakar (Passed PMP® exam in her first attempt) Says
As per me, what makes Effective project management consultancy different from others is as follow ...
1. Course material and mock exams are aligned to PMBOK® 6th Edition very fast while other's are still working on it.
2. Since I had urgency of completing my exams at earliest , I was allowed access to previous recordings which helped me to clear PMP® exam as per my plans rather than waiting for schedule sessions.
3. Vaijayantee mam online sessions are quite interesting,clear and to the point. Hence by the time you complete listening to all  online recordings your concepts are clear and then it is just matter of time to prepare your self and appear for exams.
4. Her support is available throughout for any clarification required.
5. She also reviews your mock exam performance and gives go ahead for appearing for final PMP® exam.That really boost your confidence.
6. Background staff service is also good . They are prompt in handling your request of giving access to mock exams , couriering course material on time etc.
So overall I am happy that I made wise decision by joining EPMC Virtual online course that helped me to clear PMP exam, 6th edition in "Above target " grade in flat 45 days. 

Kaustubh Satam(Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says
I would like to thank the institute and everyone in the team who contributed to my success. It was a rough ride, right from my application being selected for audit and also I had form filling queries . 
Throughout your team helped me a lot. Archana madam was supportive in phone when I had low score in my second mock test . 

I gave 5 mock tests and second test score 119/200 which was fail . Also my scores in all others was around 140 never went up so was quite worried . 
I found that real exam difficulty is slightly lesser if not more than u r tests which is good for the students. 
Mock tests helped me prepare to sit at one place for 4 hrs in front of the seat and my final exam was thus not at all tiring task . 
Gave it comfortably with two breaks of 5 mins each for water and use of toilet .

In fact I finished my 200 questions in about 3 hrs . Took some time off 5 mins and started to review . But my experience in your mock test was that every time I reviewed I ended mostly with wrong answers . 
So I did not change my answer unless I was absolutely sure in final test.  However as I begun to get confused after reviewing about 20 questions ( I might ave marked more than 70 questions in review ). 
I just prayed and hit the end exam button . 

I think it was a good decision as my confusion was growing, many answers were near and 2 options  seemed correct .
Anyway , final verdict was I passed with 4 Process groups a above target and closing as below target . Overall total score above target .

Sunita Waran (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says
Thank you for all the support you have provided in my endeavour to complete the PMP exam in the first  attempt.
This was possible as I had attended your virtual training sessions. 
The methodology adopted by you to teach is very good, simple, lucid and the entire concept has been taught in concise and absorbing manner.
There are few things which has surely helped me which I would like to elaborate:
1. The recordings- I was able to listen while I was travelling back and forth from work
2. The mock exams - gave exact feel of the real exam and based on this I actually prepared my strategy on how I would go about during the exam.
3. The notes and mind map provided are simple and help as a quick reference guide to recap and revise.

Saumitra Wad (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says
I pay my sincere thanks to Vaijayanti madam and Satish sir for the training provided and Archana madam for supporting with the registration process. 
I would also like to share the Feedback for EPMC PMP® examination course experience as below: 
Firstly 4 days session is tiring but Vaijayantee madam and Satish sir ensure that each and every minute is utilized. The examples provided by Vaijayantee madam as well as the examples provided by Satish sir helps clear a lot of fundamentals which makes the foundation concepts strong. 
Honestly I had read some books on the project management before joining the training and was just joining the 4 days of training to be eligible for the 35 PDU's. However the training changed my perspective towards exam completely. Entire approach towards preparing for exam changed and the preparation became more focused. And today I can say that it was good that I attended the 4 days of training. 
The material provided in hard copy is very good. It neatly summaries the the important points to consider for the exam. PMBOK® Guide and this set of notes is more than enough to pass the exam. The mind maps, i could not use much because I was not having access to internet from office and while travelling to and from home i only had mobile not laptop. I would suggest if some mobile friendly version of mind maps can be introduced that can help immensely.  nevertheless the mind map concept is really good. 

Archana madam is just outstanding with the support for the registration process. She guides really well with lot of patience clarifying silliest of doubt. She helped me with the audit process as well. 
The best part for me in the preparation was the mock tests. After giving the PMP® exam I could say that the mock test are very meticulously prepared and are having the difficulty level even 10-20 % more than that of actual exam. the synopsis of the result is another special thing that helps you with identifying the strong points and weak points and focus your preparation on the weak areas and gaps. The icing on the cake is the analysis provided by Vaijayantee madam and Archana madam that really helps. I was able to give 4 mock tests but I really give a lot of credit to mock tests for preparing me for the 4 hour long marathon test. To maintain the focus for 4 hours itself is a tough ask.

I was my second association with EPMC, first being PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification and I am looking forward to other certification through them 
I once again thank the entire EPMC training team for the support 

Amod Pusalkar (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says
It has been a great experience since I started with traing at EPMC till the day I passed the PMP® exam. Your teaching during the training, mock tests by EPMC, evaluations of test results by Vaijayantee Kamat madam have a great share in this success. Also not to forget the cordial staff at EPMC who helped a lot in administrative parts of preparation and applying for the test. 
Here I would like to mention that I did not need any study material outside of PMBOK® Guide (5th Edition) and the Mock Tests by EPMC to pass the exam in first attempt.
Once again I thank you and all EPMC staff for your support in my success. I wish all the success to aspirant students of EPMC. 

Vatsal Sharma PMP (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says
I would like to highlight few points, which I  liked the most about EPMC.
  • Professionally managed the entire classroom sessions & thereafter also.
  • Well manage the training time & syllabus was very well covered.
  • Demo Exams have given good practice for improvement & to gain confidence.
  • Availability of teachers was very good.
  • Doubts were solved promptly & to the satisfaction.
  • Fair Feed backs was given for mock test & it was helpful to get direction for improve further.
My special thanks to following personnel's:
Mr Sateesh Kamat for delivering wonderful & effective lecture.
Mrs Vaijayantee Kamat for solving doubts, giving consultancy & support throughout preparation.
Mrs Archana Shinde for helping in filling experience template & giving feedbacks.
Mrs Nidhi Gala & Sangita Sonar for timely arranging mock test.
Also thanks to the EPMC team who was indirectly supporting from back office to complete this course.

Shirish Gawali (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says
Thanks for Satheesh sir's teaching and the assistance I got from EPMC support staff/team.
The real asset of EPMC is its quality of sample mock tests. After appearing for 3 mock tests, initially it demotivated me because I failed the mock test twice but I cleared last mock test which gave me confidence. Again...the quality of sample mock test was very superior because it test your core PMP® knowledge.
For me actual PMP® exam was much easier than sample mock test of EPMC's which helped me complete the exam with 30 minutes still remaining. 

Ravi Kiran B. S. (Participant Bangalore PMP® Batch June 2017)
Murali excelled my knowledge on all the project management knowledge areas by providing extensive training's on all processes defined by PMBOK® Guide. Conducted interactive sessions providing timely examples from IT and Non-IT field thus proving that the Management processes are not only limited for IT industry but it is proven science for every industry to position themselves as professionals in their field of execution.

Provided me the direction on understanding all processes with proper guidance to get the PMP® certification discussing all the probable scenarios in given categories of all process areas. At the end of each processes, created an open forum to discuss few questions (15 to 20 ) provided in the course material which is in line with PMBOK® Guide examination.

Roshan Paunikar, PMP (Participant Nagpur PMP® Batch 2016Says

I really wanted to thank for all the guidance you have provided (during and after the class), which has helped me a lot to achieve this milestone.

I also wanted to appreciate you co-ordination and being in touch with students, as well as the mock tests which are really really helpful for the 

preparation and to judge our self where we stands currently, so as to improve accordingly in the area of concern.


Once again thanks a lot for all your support!!

Nikhil Shinde, PMP (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says

Achieving PMP® would have been an impossible task without support and guidance of EPMC.

Excellent lectures by Sateesh Sir. A big thanks!!, he can simplify any difficult concept with his right to fit examples. 
Excellently designed Mock tests were another key help by EPMC, more you solve, more you get confident. I solved four!!  
Thanks for Nidhi, Trupti & Sangita to bear with me for back to back mock tes requests that too on pretty short notice. 
Thanks to Archana Mam for detailed analysis. Overall it was a great experience to be associated with EPMC, Truly professionals!!

I wish a great success to EPMC, Thanks again!!

Mahesh Natarajan PMP(Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says

Thank you EPMC.

I would like to quickly says thanks to the important factors which helped me to achieve Success in PMP® at a reasonable tine period 
of 3 - 4 months from the time of course. Excellent class by Sateesh Sir, Thanks to Archana Madam for perfect review help for PMI Application.
Thanks to Shruti, NIdhi for helping to arrange Mock tests as requested by me.
EPMC Mock tests helps a lot in preparation of the PMP® examination. The screen 95% similar to PMP® examination screen, Awesome!
Overall, I'm impressed by the professional approach of EPMC and surely recommend friends (who are interested in PMP and other relevant courses). Thanks again!

Niranjan Shukla, PMP (Passed PMP® exam in his first attempt) Says

I take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and the help and guidance I received from you on every step of my journey towards PMP® certification.

In particular, I wish to put on record the excellent classroom training by Mr. Sateesh Kamat whose examples from wide-ranging industries made some of the more abstract topics easy to comprehend. I liked his two-pronged approach of helping the student to prepare for the PMP as well as his tips to help us become good project managers on the job.

The quality of the simulation exams prepared me well to face the real thing, and I strongly suggest other students too to avail of this wonderful opportunity. These mock tests have been very professionally set up and the prompt and detailed feedback from Mrs. Vaijayantee Kamat and Archana Shinde on the candidate's areas of improvement is very helpful.

Lastly, I thank the training coordinators - Priyanka and others in the team for always being helpful, courteous and efficient in addressing my queries.

Nayan Kamat (Participant Bangalore PMP® Batch March 2017)
Mr Muralidhar Deshpande is very knowledgeable and committed, honest and hard working. He has vast experience in Project Management and uses real life examples from his experience to explain certain complex concepts. He ensures that he gets back with any clarifications which are sought. He gives very useful tips on how to analyze tricky questions. Overall I would rate the preparatory course conducted by Mr Murali as excellent. 

Shruti Pathak (Participant Bangalore PMP® Batch March 2017)
Mr.Muralidhar Deshpande is good and Facilitated discussion to bring out the practical cases from the industry....!