What is difference between Project Management Professional (PMP)® and PRINCE2®?

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential,  is about 10 basic skills that a Project Manager needs – the skills are SCOPE, COST, TIME, QUALITY, HR, COMMUNICATION, RISK, PROCUREMENT, STAKEHOLDERS, INTEGRATION
  • PRINCE2® is about a process of how to do things from TOP MANAGEMENT down to Project Manager and also the Vendors who execute things
  • PMP® credential is bottom up way, PRINCE2® is top down THOUGHT PROCESS of how to do things
  • PMP® credential is about Tools and Techniques (HOW to do things)
  • PRINCE is about WHAT and WHEN to do things (Methodology)
  • PMP® credential is about one person PROJECT MANAGER, PRINCE2® is about all roles around Project Manager (Supplier Organization, Executive, Client Partners, Business Analysts etc)

What are the advantages of PRINCE2®?

  • PRINCE2® will give you a thought process
  • PRINCE2® will help you answer from very useful questions in your real life
    • How should I delegate things as a Management?
    • What should I delegate and what should I NOT delegate?
    • As a leader/Manager I should NEVER micromanage. WHAT should I focus on and WHAT should I not focus on?
    • How do I take care of dividing funds across different stages?
  • Will not just focus on PROJECT MANAGER but also supporting entities such as MANAGEMENT and also VENDORS who execute things. Therefore PRINCE2® is all about end to end organization structure

If I am already a PMP® certified, how would PRINCE2® help me?

  • PMP® credential has taught you how to do things. You learnt lots of tools and techniques.
  • PMP® credential taught you how as a PROJECT MANAGER you take care of things
  • But project is not just about project managers, its also about other people – EXECUTIVES, BUSINESS ANALYSTS, VENDORS, SUPPIERS, SUPPORT PEOPLE etc. PRINCE2® deals with roles, responsibilities of all the roles
  • PMP® credential did not deal with organization structures. PRINCE2® focusses a lot on how the organization should be structured.
  • Therefore PRINCE2® credential and PMP® credential are complementary. They are good TOP-DOWN and BOTTOM-UP approaches which go hand in hand.