Countdown for PMP exam change

Less than 150 days now for the PMP® examination to change! During last 15 days, many of my students and those who want to get this certification under their belt, have asked me very often if it is late now to prepare and pass the examination before it changes. PMP® certification examination depends on standards and best practices in the Project Management industry. You actually need to know how to apply these standards and best practices practically on your project. The questions tend to test your practical understanding and experience of project management. If you can connect to the best practices and standards, study is a really a matter of 4 to 6 weeks. Read the “Project management body of knowledge”, and EPMC notes. Connect to these with practical examples, and you are ready for the examination. You do not need too many books/materials/question banks. All that only adds to confusion. Start today! Start now!! we, at EPMC are committed to help our students. Together, let us take this challenge together so that you can pass the PMP® examination before it changes